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Brown & Joseph Pays Visit to QLI

QLI Omaha

Brown & Joseph, a collection agency specializing in the recovery of insurance debt, is continually looking to gain a deeper understanding of the services that insurance carriers provide to their customers.

Last month, Dave Robbins and Dennis Falletti of Brown & Joseph had a unique opportunity to see those services firsthand during a visit to QLI.

Quality Living, Inc. (QLI) is a nonprofit dedicated to delivering life-changing rehabilitation and care for individuals with neurological disabilities, including brain and spinal cord injuries and stroke rehabilitation.

Located in Omaha, Nebraska, the nonprofit sits on a picturesque 60-acre campus that can house and rehabilitate over 200 individuals at one time.

Since its inception in 1987 QLI has grown into the largest and most comprehensive center for neurological injury rehabilitation in the country.

Every detail of the campus has been carefully designed to enable their clients to regain the real-world skills to successfully return to their lives, families and communities.

QLI Colliday Center

The Colliday Center (photo from
After hearing about QLI at the American Association of State Compensation Insurance Funds (AASCIF) conference in Minneapolis from Steve Kerschke, Director of Marketing, and Tim Benak, Provider Relations Director, both at QLI, Robbins and Falletti decided to pay a visit to the nationally-renowned rehabilitation center.

“We wanted to learn more about how insurance carriers work with their customers to help them return to work, lives, families and communities, which led us to schedule a meeting at QLI’s campus,” Robbins said.

Demonstrating their commitment to the insurance industry, Robbins and Falletti embarked on an extensive tour, listening intently to dozens of success stories and first-hand experiences with the Tri-Dimensional Rehabilitation® program.

As QLI’s proprietary service, this program provides a “roadmap” for success by simultaneously addressing the healing of the body, mind and spirit, and has successfully improved the quality of thousands of lives across the country.

“QLI’s culture and talented group of individuals were truly inspirational as they provided genuine care and support for their patients.”

What they found most impressive were the hands-on demonstrations and tour of everyday activities from fishing and kayaking to rock climbing.

“QLI’s culture and talented group of individuals were truly inspirational as they provided genuine care and support for their patients,” Robbins added.

Support QLI’s life-changing initiatives by volunteering or donating on the website at

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