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B2B Accounts Receivable Solutions

Our results objectively demonstrate that we can collect what others cannot.

As a debt collection agency, the value we bring to our clients is the ability to recover the most dollars in the shortest period of time, without compromising amounts owed. Our four-phase approach to collections yields greater results  in a shorter period than our competitors.

We are highly regarded and respected for licensure, compliance, bonding and insurance exceeding state and federal mandates and providing the most diverse suite of specialty recovery services unrivaled by conventional collection agencies.

The best testament to our abilities, strengths and expertise would be from the customers who entrust their assets to Brown & Joseph.

Dedicated Customer Care

Brown & Joseph’s Client Services Department works diligently to maintain our client portfolios and communications, all while ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Each client is assigned a dedicated representative during our onboarding process. This contact is responsible for documenting all requests and is the liaison between clients and all our departments. Their job is to make sure the requests to and from our clients are documented and managed.

The coordination of the entire collection operation is leveraged by the outstanding professional communication of our customer care team. They not only serve as a liaison, but also strive to bring new ideas to the attention of each client — something that works well for one company might also be a perfect fit for another. 

With an outstanding 98.2% client retention rate over the last 23 years, Brown & Joseph’s expert client services team has set the industry standard for excellent customer service.

Technology to move your business forward

Our recovery specialists work exclusively within our debt collection software, CollectOne.

CollectOne enables Brown & Joseph to leverage automation, telephony protocols, real-time access for our clients, and reporting analytics to make more informed decisions and actions that are all executed by trained, experienced professionals.

Our ability to incorporate automation with domain knowledge of clients’ portfolios, coupled with skill-based routing of accounts to collectors, enables our clients to realize the most dollars recovered in the shortest time.

Robust Service Features

24/7 OpenAccess Portal

Brown & Joseph's 24/7 OpenAccess portal allows our clients to view their accounts, run a wide variety of real-time reports and securely place new accounts for collection.

Customized Reports

Brown & Joseph customizes the delivery of all our reports to the needs of each client, enabling them to make the most informed decisions on their accounts receivable management strategies.

Premium Audits

We are the only collection agency with the onsite resources of CPAudits, a Brown & Joseph company that provides premium audit services to our insurance clients across the U.S.

Litigation & Bankruptcy

As a member of the Commercial Law League of America, Brown & Joseph has a network of attorneys nationwide that will help you during the litigation process at no extra cost.

Root Cause Analysis

The Brown & Joseph business intelligence department helps our clients recover more revenue by analyzing a variety of factors that impact the collection process, like payment trends and consumer data.

Management-Controlled Work Queues

Our software allows the Brown & Joseph management team to establish and prioritize work queues based on collection productivity.

Custom Service Modules

Our service modules are individually customized for each client and documented with Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for Production (PSOP) and Client (CSOP).

Workflow Automation

Utilizing industry best practices, we establish client-specific business rules which automate the distribution of accounts.

Skip Tracing

Within our Special Investigations Unit are several trained skip tracing specialists with years of experience in private investigations.

Contingency Fee

Brown & Joseph operates on a contingency-fee basis, meaning if we don't collect anything, you don't pay anything.

Proven Strategies for Improving Collection Rates | Brown & Joseph, LLC


Proven Strategies for Improving Collection Rates

No-Commitment 2nd Placements

Our 2nd placement program is the perfect way to “test drive” our unique capabilities.

We will review and score all accounts returned by your first agency as uncollectible and report our findings to you at no cost, and without disrupting any ongoing or current vendor relationships.