Our History

Brown & Joseph has been transforming the debt recovery industry since our inception in 1996.

We have earned a winning reputation within the accounts receivable industry by routinely exceeding our clients’ expectations and staying true to our core values of integrity, transparency, security, quality, accountability and family.

Our debt recovery solutions have raised the bar in collection industry standards and ethics by first changing the way debt and “debtors (we prefer to call them consumers)” are defined and perceived.

With this mindset, our account resolution specialists achieve far greater cooperation by establishing goodwill and earning consumers’ trust and respect before attempting to collect on the unpaid account.

Our Core Values







The Brown & Joseph Mission

The Brown & Joseph mission is to deliver and sustain the highest quality, most effective and innovative solutions for accounts receivable management and to provide our employees with meaningful work in a healthy, exciting, productive and idea-inducing environment.

We will commit to all employees and clients that we will consistently encourage openness, innovation and growth for all.

Getting Started with Brown & Joseph is Easy

Our onboarding procedure is quick and easy so you can start recovering money right away.​

Review & Complete Agreement

Review & Complete Agreement

Provide Remittance Information

Provide Remittance Information

Submit Files for Collection!

Submit Files for Collection!

Ready to start collecting more money?

We’re confident we can collect more than your current agency. Give us a call and we’ll even score your current receivables for free.

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