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Globally recognized as the preeminent purveyor and experts in commercial Property/Casualty and Life/Health insurance debt recovery and revenue cycle solutions.



We bring our knowledgeable subject matter experts to you in order to discuss your ideas related to what types of billing & collection programs would have the greatest impact on your bottom line.



We help by showing you what you can do to gain a competitive advantage.  We combine tested strategies with the Best People, Best Process, and Best Technology to achieve Best Results.


WHY OTHER COLLECTION AGENCIES CAN’T COMPETE WITH OUR AUDIT PROFICIENCY  – Brown and Joseph’s audit sophistication not only lies within our well versed recovery teams, but we are the only vendor in the country with the onsite resources of CPAudits, which is at the heart of our unique E.A.R.P. Program. (Estimated Audit Resolution Program)  We offer complete business auditing services to all carriers who underwrite auditable exposures.   CPAudits was formulated in collaboration with clients’ audit executives to identify unrealized revenue and bring efficiencies and cost savings to their premium audit environment.  Blending premium audit services with premium collections, we have met the challenge in providing solutions to your nonproductive, noncompliant, estimated or disputed actual audits.  Resulting in increased revenue with no additional fixed or hourly fees.  See our video…     

Have an insurance premium or claim related concern?  There are no questions too trivial or too complex to ask.  You don’t have to be a client to benefit from our vast resources.  Our P&C and L/H skilled experts are here to share their knowledge with you and provide solutions.  How may we help?     

Ask An Industry Expert
“Brown and Joseph is a big win for our organization”
V.P. Operations at Life/Health Insurer with U.S. assets over $890 Billion

Insurance Policy


Our clients encompass those in the commercial insurance community who are as diverse as the types of commercial coverages available.  They range from private, to mutual’s to publicly held entities. In sequential order by volume, the majority of our clients are insurance companies…

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The largest percentage of our inventory of accounts we receive from P&C and L/H insurers are Premiums related.  In sequential order by volume, these premium accounts consist of Audits (Actual, Estimated and Retrospective), Earned Premiums and Group Premiums.

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After Premiums, the next largest percentage of our inventory of accounts we receive from P&C and L/H insurers and TPA’s are commercial Claims related. In sequential order by volume, these claims accounts mostly consist of Deductibles, Overpayments…

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You are one click away from initiating a partnership with the nation’s most recognized credit & collections firm dedicated to Commercial Insurance Creditors worldwide. We would consider it a privilege to earn the opportunity to seamlessly align our premiums and claims expertise with your insurance receivable objectives. 

Brown and Joseph, Ltd stands at the ready to near instantly bring to bear our diverse arsenal of innovative and proprietary resources to protect your financial interests and provide you with the highest quality of personalized services you require and of course deserve.

“Assuring the Nation’s Insurers” – Revenue Recovery While Preserving Integrity of relationships


Brown and Joseph’s Commitment To Excellence

Brown and Joseph, Ltd is committed to excellence in every facet of our daily work for our clients.

We have the requisite experience and insurance industry knowledge to meet all of our client’s needs and to exceed their expectations. Neither volume nor balance has any effect upon your receiving the highest quality of services. Whether it be a single account or several placements, we bring to bear all of our resources upon each and every file that we are privileged to have our client’s entrust to us.

Our cohesive network of departments and business units at Brown and Joseph have a mantra “Make Winning Fun” which we do through healthy, mutually motivating internal competition.

You will immediately notice the great pride that we take in each other’s doing our part to fully develop a mutually equitable long term relationship with each company in the Brown and Joseph Family of Clients.

Our moniker of “Assuring The Nation’s Insurers” and slogan of “Dedicated To Insurance Creditors Worldwide” are much more than words. They are our edict and the foundation of our “Commitment To Excellence.