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Brown & Joseph is an award-winning debt collection agency specializing in B2B accounts receivable management.

Our business is all about supporting yours. Brown & Joseph's highly-trained debt recovery specialists will work tirelessly to achieve a fair and timely resolution, all while protecting your customer relationships and reputation.

Were you contacted by us about an outstanding debt?

$2.5 Billion

We’ve recovered over $2.5 billion in additional revenue for our clients.

200+ Clients

We currently serve over 200 companies around the globe.

23 Years

Since 1996 we’ve been transforming the accounts receivables industry. 

Our Services & Solutions

Brown & Joseph has developed an innovative approach that increases premiums and claims recovery percentages, mitigates exposure and reduces the need for litigation, all while preserving your company’s brand.

1st Party Collections

3rd Party Collections

2nd Placements

Brown & Joseph presently manages consumer accounts, in addition to commercial accounts, using a similar process. As with our commercial accounts, we learned to leverage training and technology to increase recovery.

However, unlike commercial accounts, the treatment and handing of consumer accounts is highly regulated, controlled and monitored. All regulations are safeguarded with our collection software to ensure the appropriate requirements/restrictions are upheld and communicated on every account, to the extent that “calling rules and information” appear in a pop-up window that the collector must acknowledge before proceeding to the actual screen. 

Unlike conventional collection firms, we can handle all of the paperwork and responses to motions for bankruptcy cases, including preference demands, estates, reclamation and more.

Our collection software automates our bankruptcy tracking to ensure applicable bankruptcy data is up-to-date.  Accounts are automatically updated based on credit bureau data to ensure compliance. Manual notation is also user-friendly at both the collection and management levels.

In addition, we use PACER for bankruptcy validation, court record of proceedings and judgment information. 

Our skip tracing department provides in-depth investigation on select accounts to allow our customers to make more informed decisions with their money.

Our internal skip tracing department utilizes best-in-class skip tracing tools from our industry’s leading skip tracing providers and increases productivity with real-time phone number and address searches.

This information is then attached to the debtor’s CollectOne also includes fully integrated credit report retrieval that provides the power to request and attach credit reports to the debtor’s account.

We are the only collection vendor in the U.S. with the onsite resources of CPAudits, a Brown & Joseph company that provides complete auditing services with no additional fixed or hourly fees.

As a member of the Commercial Collection Agency Association of the Commercial Law League of America (CLLA), Brown & Joseph maintains a national network of experienced litigation law firms. When a debt is not paid, our internal collection law team will review and recommend suit based on information from the debtor’s credit score and background check.

The use of this credit and assert intelligence information greatly reduces the amount of non-profitable lawsuits, judgments that cannot be enforced, litigation costs and costly judgment enforcements. 

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