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Collection Process

Brown & Joseph has taken the status quo of mainstream collections and developed an innovative and comprehensive approach that increases premiums and claims recovery percentages, reduces exposure and reduces the need for litigation, all while preserving your company’s brand and values.

We align our commercial collection expertise with your receivable objectives. We are able to share with your team the latest in our revolutionary collection resources and best practices.

Innovative Solutions

The “Voice of the Customer” speaks volumes in the development of innovative solutions to address our client’s needs.

The following are several examples of solutions that were developed around our customers’ needs after cross functional collaboration meetings.

Four-Phase Collection Process

Brown & Joseph’s innovative Four-Phase Collection Process delivers the highest possible collection results for our clients.

The process uses best practices employed by commercial credit risk analysis companies, commercial collection agencies, debt collection law firms and litigation law firms for the same contingency fee you pay to your agency for B2B debt collections.

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