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Collection Results

Our results speak for themselves. 

Over the past 22 years, we’ve been in business, we’ve recovered over $1 billion in additional revenue for our clients.

Results guaranteed – or you pay nothing.

We’ve recovered over $1 billion in additional revenue for our clients.
Over 200 companies served.
Brown & Joseph is able to collect up to 70% more than other collection agencies.

We Collect What Others Can’t

As a simple no risk test to prove our top performance ability, many companies will compile all of their unpaid and uncollected accounts that their current collection agencies did not recover and have Brown & Joseph evaluate the true recovery potential in the 2nd placement portfolio.

Brown & Joseph consistently is able to recover significant percentages from this uncollected bad debt. Most often our recovery results in 2nd placements will equal and may even exceed the performance results of the original collection agency who handled the files as 1st placements.

Our results objectively demonstrate that we can collect what others cannot. Using business intelligence and analysis, with a four-phased approach that engages the top insurance specialized collection agency, backed by our audit resolution resources and in-house law office, Brown & Joseph enables our customers to optimize their business capital.


“We asked Brown & Joseph to assist us with an unpaid account. We signed the contract and sent over the paperwork, which was easy and simple. One week later the customer was on the phone asking to resolve the outstanding debt. The Brown & Joseph representative was upbeat, helpful, knowledgeable and very experienced. They did a great job of keeping the collections on track and made the entire collections process less stressful. If you are having trouble with collections, this firm gets the job done.”


“Hiring Brown & Joseph has proven very, very successful for our company.”


“We asked CPAudits to consult with us on our Workers Compensation audits process and procedures. When we were done with the evaluation project, we had a more effective workflow process that isolated audits in remote areas, and completed those audits by using the CPAudits model. This resulted in immediate savings for us, and increased the total number of productive audits in this segment. We are very happy with the ongoing results – especially the major cost savings.”


“In the past, we were getting exponential build ups of non-productive audits that were creating stress on our workflow process. We really could just not get to all of them. We had the one option of paying an outsourced audit provider on a per account basis. We met with CPAudits and immediately learned that there is a better way. Through CPAudits and their business model, we now have in place a completely results oriented and performance based price. This makes a lot more sense to our executive team and the quality and timeliness of these audits from CPAudits is outstanding!”


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