Brown & Joseph brings state-of-the-art information intelligence into our operations to achieve greater and faster net results for our clients.

Our wide range of accounts receivable services and solutions are designed to save your company time and money by:

Reducing Expenses
Improving Work Flow
Optimizing Business Capital
Minimizing Write-offs


We’ve recovered over $2.5 billion in additional revenue for our clients over the past 22 years.

We Collect What Others Can't

Brown & Joseph consistently recovers higher percentages from uncollected bad debt than other collection agencies.

Typically, our debt recovery results for 2nd placements will equal or even exceed the performance results of the original collection agency who handled the files as 1st placements.

These results objectively demonstrate that Brown & Joseph can collect what others cannot.

In addition to providing more working capital and minimizing write-offs, our clients experience noticeable reductions in their own accounting, underwriting, auditing and claims administration expenses.

Using business intelligence and analysis combined with our four-phase approach and backed by our audit resolution resources, Brown & Joseph enables our customers to optimize their business capital.

Getting Started with Brown & Joseph is Easy

Our onboarding procedure is quick and easy so you can start recovering money right away.​

Review & Complete Agreement

Review & Complete Agreement

Provide Remittance Information

Provide Remittance Information

Submit Files for Collection!

Gather & Submit Files!

Ready to start collecting more money?

We’re confident we can collect more than your current agency. Give us a call and we’ll even score your current receivables for free.

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