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Brown & Joseph/Altus and Paragon Merger Announcement

Brown & Joseph / Altus and Paragon Asset Recovery Services Inc. (Paragon), leading providers of commercial accounts receivable services to the insurance industry, are proud to announce that they have merged their companies to further broaden the breadth of services they bring to their combined client portfolio.     

Mike Baldwin, CEO at Brown & Joseph / Altus, comments, “We are so proud to join forces with the highly respected team at Paragon. We have been great business partners for many years and now we are all a part of the same family. Paragon’s deep industry expertise, world class client base, highly talented team members and their commitment to an internal culture based on interpersonal respect and associate satisfaction fit incredibly well with the Brown & Joseph / Altus strengths and values.”

Joe Warnagiris, CEO at Paragon, adds, “We are excited to enter into this partnership with Brown & Joseph / Altus. Paragon’s expertise in identifying missed claim assets, subrogation, and liability deductibles along with Brown & Joseph’s proficiency in recovering insurance receivables is a very powerful combination. The merger will allow our united organization to offer an even more comprehensive set of solutions to our customers and to the industry.”

There are no plans to change any aspects of any client’s relationships at either Brown & Joseph / Altus or at Paragon. All direct and indirect aspects of supporting clients will remain the same. Although they are now one company,  both the B&J/Altus and Paragon brands will continue on in the marketplace.

The existing relationship between Brown & Joseph / Altus and Paragon is significant as they have been highly valued business partners since 2014. Both companies are also steadfast supporters of Insurance Collection Executives (ICE), proving their deep-rooted investment in the insurance industry.

Please call either Dave Robbins at (847) 621-6137 or Joe Warnagiris at (412) 375-6413 if you have any questions or if you would like to learn more about the combined capabilities of this great new company.

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