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Life & Health Overpayment Recovery

Disability Overpayment Recovery Administration

360 Overpayment Solutions

Our Life & Health support team will alleviate your burden of generating the initial overpayment notice and placing the balance with our office. Brown & Joseph Overpayment Team will learn your system and manage the process of generating the initial overpayment notice while seamlessly placing the new balance for collections with our office.  

Our team of recovery experts have extensive knowledge on why and how disability overpayments occur and are well-practiced in providing an in-depth explanation of the overpayment to claimants and their legal representatives.  

While the goal is always 100% up front recovery, when this is not feasible our overpayment recovery agents are experts at negotiating alternate arrangements, including but not limited to, monthly payment arrangements and settlements. 

Available Services

Combine these services ensuring higher up-front recovery of overpayments while your claimants receive the highest level of service. Your team of claims managers will be free to focus on other important duties. While our expert team focuses on: 

  • Overpayment Autopilot

Our team generates your initial overpayment letter and places the newly generated balance in our Payment Recovery Vendor Program.

  • Payment Recovery Vendor

We are the first voice the claimant hears. The initial overpayment letter sent by your team directs the claimant to contact our office to arrange payment.

  • Early Intervention Program

As soon as an account becomes delinquent (within 90 days), our early intervention team will pursue collection of overpayment balances with a soft customer service approach. 

  • Overpayment Collections

Our recovery team will engage on severely delinquent overpayments cases with a firm approach, as necessary case by case.