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Is Your Company At Risk Right Now?

Brown and Joseph’s licensing strategy goes beyond statutory minimum liability requirements to afford our clients the confidence that their premiums and claims assets are protected.  Including their public image, reputation, and company brand.   If you do not have proof in your hands of your collection firms’ applicable certificates of insurance or copies of declarations pages, or they tell you will get it to you soon…… then YOU ARE AT RISK right now.

Confirming your vendors levels of insurance coverages & that they are underwritten by A rated carriers is critical

To maintain the prestige of representing many of the world’s largest insurance companies, financial institutions, corporations, as well as government entities, we have in place the most comprehensive commercial coverages to ensure optimal protection and safeguards.  Even our smallest of clients receive the full benefit and protections our coverages provide.  Our insurance policies include, but are not limited to:

Workers’ Compensation

General Liability/Umbrella

Employer Professional Liability (EPL)

Directors & Officers (D&O)

Errors & Omissions (E&O)

Cyber Liability


Commercial Auto

The overwhelming majority of collection agencies not only are inadequately licensed in all states, but likewise may be inadequately insured.  Not only do we have these coverages in place, the applicable limits of liability exceeds the minimal limits mandated by state licensure and bonding requirements.  Upon request to qualified inquiries, we freely and transparently will provide you with proof of these coverages.  Has your present vendors provided you with any evidence to prove their having all of these coverage types?  If not, it is imperative that verifications be made with them; which they should be able to immediately provide you with same.  It is further recommended that proof of current coverages be updated annually.  Verify and compare!   

For additional information see our Agency Benchmarking checklist

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