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We have raised the bar in collection industry standards and ethics by changing the way debt and debtors are defined and perceived.  We define the unpaid accounts that are placed for collection as “Receivable Assets” versus using the stereotypical terminology of “Bad Debts”.  We also uniquely understand that customer relationships do not end after the sale, policy expiration date or final claims adjustment.  It is therefore crucial that your “former” customers are afforded the same dignity and considerations as if they were your current client throughout the collection process.  With this mindset, our insurance proficient Resolution Specialist’s achieve far greater cooperation by establishing goodwill and earning your former clients trust and respect.  In contrast, typical debt collectors negatively stigmatize your insureds merely as a “debtor” and often subject them to aggressive and alienating collection tactics.  Our positive, intellectual and empathetic ethos and proprietary collection processes result in the highest and quickest recoveries with a favorable customer experience.  Brown & Joseph’s groundbreaking recovery methodologies and progressive ideologies are transforming the insurance collections industry.  

CHRIS CAPPUCCILLI – Chief Executive Officer

No other collection agency in the country has achieved Brown & Joseph’s level of Property/Casualty and Life/Health recovery sophistication, nor can any other firm attest to equaling our superior industry credentials, certifications and qualifications.  Let us begin our journey together today with comprehensive solutions and unprecedented results being our everyday destination.

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