Here’s how successful leaders inspire loyalty in others:

They value communication

Successful leaders are great at communicating their values and ideas, and they encourage their employees to share them as well.

They push for open discussions and are not afraid of being proven wrong.

Their employees never have to guess what’s going on or where they are coming from.

They go the extra mile

Great leaders inspire loyalty by going the extra mile for their employees.

They make sure their employees’ needs are met and that they’re happy.

Also, they are never afraid to roll up their sleeves and work alongside their staff, regardless of their rank at the company.

They give credit

Leaders with loyal employees are not afraid to give credit where credit is due — and often.

Providing feedback, praise and credit are essential for gaining loyalty.

A great leader will never take credit for their employee’s idea.

They encourage growth

You can’t be a leader without being a mentor.

The best leaders will continually seek out ways to help their staff develop professionally.

According to Fast Company, one of the biggest drivers of high turnover is the belief that there are better professional development opportunities further afield.

So, if employees who are loyal to their companies feel otherwise, it’s mainly because of their managers.

They show interest

The greatest leaders who inspire loyalty are genuinely interested in their employees’ personal lives, in addition to their professional lives.

Employees are loyal to leaders who know them as people, who understand how their personal lives impact their work and who support their personal needs.

According to Business 2 Community, the sign of an inspiring manager is one who gets invited to major events that their employees are celebrating and is commonly included in group events that staff organize.

They are authentic

According to research by Business 2 Community, younger generations are increasingly unwilling to accept direction from people they have little respect for.

Leaders who are authentic garner more trust and respect. They can be counted on to say what they mean and do what they say.

And, authentic leaders are the same person to their staff, those above them, their customers and partners.

They lead by example

The most successful leaders are those who lead by example.

If they do whatever it takes to make their company success, so will everyone around them.

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