Brown & Joseph has taken the status quo of mainstream collections and developed an innovative and comprehensive approach that increases premiums and claims recovery percentages, minimizes exposure and reduces the need for litigation, all while preserving your company’s brand and values.

Four-Phase Collection Process

Our four-phase collections approach increases collection percentages and reduces back-end legal costs, resulting in a positive effect on your bottom line.

Credit Scoring & Risk Analysis

All cases placed for collections are credit scored with a credit risk analysis. The information contains payment history trends, state and federal tax lien information, pending lawsuits, UCC filings and more. We then provide you with this information so you can make the best decisions for your accounts.

B2B Debt Collections

Using the credit score and risk analysis, files are segmented and prioritized by their predictive payment trend and balance. While most collection agencies will defer difficult cases to outside counsel for litigation, which increases contingency fees and court costs, Brown & Joseph escalates files at the right time to the right resources.

Partner Law Office Collections

Our partner law firm can increase recovery percentages, obtain higher settlements, reduce litigation costs and save time spent in resolving the more difficult assignments which reduces or eliminates costly judgment enforcement. Our clients receive the impact of a law office collection attorney for the same contingency fee you now pay your collection agency.

Debt Recovery Litigation

As a member of the Commercial Law League of America, Brown & Joseph maintains a national network of experienced litigation law firms. When a debt is not paid, our partner law firm will review and recommend suit when needed based on factual credit scores and the credit risk analysis obtained in Phase One.

Getting Started with Brown & Joseph is Easy

Our onboarding procedure is quick and easy so you can start recovering money right away.

Review & Complete Agreement

Review & Complete Agreement

Provide Remittance Information

Provide Remittance Information

Submit Files for Collection!

Gather & Submit Files!

Ready to start collecting more money?

We’re confident we can collect more than your current agency. Give us a call and we’ll even score your current receivables for free.

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