Conventional collection agencies typically provide customer services through either their sales department or collection department.

Brown & Joseph assigns a dedicated customer care representative that serves as our client’s advocate for all their business requirements.

Designed Around Your Needs

Our dedicated customer care team is located at our headquarters just outside of Chicago and is available by phone, e-mail or through our website OpenAccess program.

Each representative is trained and highly skilled in the aspects of each client’s operations. Brown & Joseph’s core standard operating procedures are further customized to accommodate any and all unique customer service requirements.

Our representatives serve as your consistent and reliable point of contact. They advocate between the various departments; bringing cohesiveness to the total client/agency experience. All requests and/or inquiries are date stamped, documented and entered into our service request tracking systems.

This system allows management to track and manage response times to ensure rapid handling, resolution and customer satisfaction.

Quality Assurance

Proven by a 93% client retention rate over the last 21 years, Brown & Joseph’s customer care team has one goal and that is to make certain that each client is satisfied with every aspect of our partnership.

Our highly skilled Client Services team serves as your single point of contact and advocate for your business needs.

Our team monitors the progression of accounts through the entire collection life cycle ensuring we exercise all due diligence and that the best course of action is taken to protect the recovery opportunity.

They coordinate all aspects of our clients’ accounts from reporting to remittance to daily interactions with any client interdepartmental operations including auditing, underwriting and claims administration.

For each client, a Standard Operating Procedures guideline document is prepared to ensure all aspects of their accounts are communicated in accordance with their directives and that the client knows each person engaged in handling the file.

Customer Resolution Program

Our customer resolution programs are the best way to increase retention, reduce churn, respond to customer inquiries and better understand your customer needs. Customer retention by just 5% can lead to increased profits by 25 to 95%.

Our programs anticipate problems before they occur, provide effective solutions to remedy problems before they get out of hand. Proactive services builds a loyal customer base who are less likely to defect to a competitor. Information intelligence will give you more insight into your customers buying patterns.

Brown & Joseph’s programs will gather critical customer feedback, categorize the information, link the information to payment results and provide deep insight into a more favorable customer experience.

Getting Started with Brown & Joseph is Easy

Our onboarding procedure is quick and easy so you can start recovering money right away.​

Review & Complete Agreement

Review & Complete Agreement

Provide Remittance Information

Provide Remittance Information

Submit Files for Collection!

Gather & Submit Files!

Ready to start collecting more money?

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