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Through many years of handling all types of commercial and personal line debts, we have developed industry-specific collection methods.

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The insurance industry is a complex maze of calculations and regulations. Our staff is fully trained by experienced premium auditors, long and short term disability case managers, overpayment calculation specialists, insurance debt collection attorneys and seasoned insurance collection veterans.

Brown & Joseph’s insurance recovery team collects an average of 27% more on accounts that were returned by the 1st placement agency as uncollectible. Our Second Placement Agency Auditing Program provides the assurance that premium recoveries are maximized and that 1st placement agencies are fulfilling their obligations to meet performance expectations.

Our results speak for themselves – we’ve recovered over $2.5 billion in additional revenue for our clients over the past 22 years.

Estimated Audit Resolution Program (EARP)

The purpose of the EARP is to cover non-compliant and estimated audits into a continuous revenue stream based on a contingency fee, meaning if we don’t collect, you don’t pay. The EARP delivers efficiencies that reduce re-audit costs, internal soft costs and your overall Days Premium Outstanding (DPO). 

Proof Guaranteed

No other collection firm performs at a consistently high level as Brown & Joseph. This is demonstrated by the carriers we service.

Insurance Service Offerings

  • Primary and Secondary Placements
  • Policyholder Retention Programs
  • Collection Agency Auditing Programs
  • 1st Party and 3rd Party Collections
  • Insurance Earned Premium Collections
  • P&C/Workers’ Comp. Collection Strategies
  • Excess & Specialty Collection Strategies
  • Deductible Recovery Solutions
  • Agent Commission Chargebacks
  • Life/Disability/SSDI Retro Payments Offset/Annuities
  • Provider Overpayments and Wrongful Payment Recovery
  • Surety Bond Premium Collections
  • Bankruptcy Servicing
  • Legal Collections/Litigation Management
  • Estimated Audit Resolution Program

Agency Collections

For optimal efficiencies, Brown & Joseph’s P&C and L/H premium collection divisions are further segmented into units that handle either audits, earned premiums or group.  For many of our largest insurance company or major broker clients, we have found even greater efficiencies to have teams solely dedicated to handling their individual premium debt portfolios.

For our servicing carrier clients, we are staffed with an assigned risk/residual markets expert who ensures adherence to NCCI rules and other mandates required by various state pools, plans and funds. Not only is proficiency in the type of coverage an essential core competency of our resolution specialists, but intimate knowledge of each clients’ policy servicing, accounting, underwriting and auditing operatives has proven to facilitate mutual productivity.

Claims Collections

Similar to premium collection operatives, Brown & Joseph’s P&C and L/H claims collection divisions are further segmented into units that handle either deductibles, overpayments (including STD/LTD, provider overpayments, duplicates, payments made in error/unjust enrichment), subrogation and construction defect.

Primarily with provider overpayments, much of our expeditious recovery success is contributed to our established relationships with the overpayment reimbursement operations at hundreds of the larger medical facilities, where the rapport we have built with them ensures that they prioritize reimbursements of our clients’ claims(s) well before the hundreds of requests they receive daily from other insurers and/or their collection vendors. For many of our largest health insurers, we have found greater efficiencies by building teams solely dedicated to handling their entire claims debt portfolios.

Whether premiums, claims, agent debits or premium finance deficiency balances, all of our expert, innovative and proprietary resources are brought to bear on each and every file. All efforts are exhausted to resolve all accounts without having to resort to our continually escalating recovery resources.

Brown & Joseph is the only collection agency that brings all these components together to give our commercial insurance clients the best results and service.

Second Assignments

When collection vendor marketers contact insurers, most respond by saying they are happy with the service they receive from current vendors and do not want to consider changing for a number of reasons; reluctance, process, implementation, etc.

Several of our 250+ carrier and 1,000+ agent/broker clients had originally been content with their former vendors as well.

But, astute finance executives from top insurers realize that unless they compare their present vendor against an insurance-proficient and reputable collection firm, they will not be certain that they are receiving the highest quality of services available.

Staying Ahead of the Competition

We respect the loyalty and trust that often takes years to cultivate with vendors. However, we are confident in our capabilities in providing you with a viable basis for comparison. Utilizing our extensive data mining resources and applying our unique insurance collection methodologies, we have discovered much equity in accounts that other collection agencies had closed as uncollectible.

So confident are we that for no charge and no commitment, we offer to perform thorough financial investigations/credit scoring upon your portfolio of closed accounts.

Examining the resulting data may then afford you two financial opportunities to consider. Either easily re-submit them to our insurance collection divisions as Second Assignments or we may present you with a cash offer to acquire them all together through our Charge Off Acquisition Program (COAP).

Our collection results on second assignments often equal and even exceed the results that other vendors achieved on the files as first placements. We are unrivaled in our commercial premiums and claims proficiency and possess near limitless proprietary insurance collection resources.

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Logistics debt recovery is unique, and at times complicated. Ongoing training, seminars, and panel discussions with industry experts allow our logistics recovery team to fully understand this competitive landscape which enables us to provide the best results for our clients. We have made significant investments in data and predictive analytics technology that provides real-time financial, asset and credit information for our collections team.

Since 1996, this business intelligence has enabled the Brown & Joseph logistics collection group to set the standard for logistics accounts receivable management. This logistics industry specialized recovery process has allowed Brown & Joseph to successfully overcome various industry challenges such as damage claims, rate disputes, detention & demurrage charges, custom & duty fees, shipper/consignee disputes and backhaul claims.

Areas of Expertise

  • Ocean Cargo
  • Air Cargo
  • Rail Cargo
  • Road Cargo
  • Import/Export
  • Customs/Duties
  • International

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The Brown & Joseph team is comprised of the industry’s top account resolution specialists who have decades of experience working with many of the top staffing and employment companies in the country.

We understand how the emergence of recruiting tools and social media have impacted the marketplace, and we have mastered the unique challenges of accounts receivable management which have enabled our clients to optimize revenue on delinquent accounts.

Our superior knowledge of the industry results in dramatic improvement in the total revenue from your collection accounts.

Experience and Expertise – A Winning Combination

Over the past 22 years of service in the staffing industry, we have developed a proprietary, integrated collection process incorporating credit scoring, primary, intermediate and final collections through our in-house collection attorneys. The success of this model also results in less than 2% of all files having to be litigated, which reduces your legal costs.

This industry focus has allowed detailed training and expertise in the areas critical to the staffing industry and includes areas such as:

  • Direct Hire Staffing
  • Project-based Staffing
  • Managed Services Staffing
  • Temporary Staffing
  • Planned and Specialty Staffing
  • ‘Back Door’ Hires
  • ‘Temp-napping’
  • On-site Partner Agreements

Account Prioritization

Cases are assigned to subject matter experts in our dedicated staffing collection division for contingency fee collections. 

Cases not recovered are reviewed by our legal and Special Investigations Unit (SIU) to determine the financial ability to pay and the legal strategies needed to collect. Cases that are evaluated for litigation to affect recovery are assigned to an attorney in the debtor’s locale for litigation when approved by our clients. Our litigation review process has reduced our clients’ suit needs by 98%.

Staffing Service Offerings

  • Skiptracing and Probability Scoring
  • Attorney Collections
  • 1st Party/Pre-collection Early Out Program
  • Special Investigations Unit
  • 3rd Party Collections
  • Contract Defaults and Dispute Resolution
  • Bankruptcy Servicing

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Telecom recovery is unlike traditional recovery processes. Ongoing training, seminars and panel discussions with industry experts allow our recovery team to fully understand this highly competitive landscape. We have made significant investments in data and predictive analytics technology that provides real-time financial, asset, and credit information for our collection team.

Brown & Joseph has been recognized as a top-performing telecom collection group in the U.S. and we have been endorsed as a preferred vendor by major telecommunications clients. Our processes, procedures, security and results complement our clients’ accounts receivable management strategy.

Industry Knowledge & Experience Deliver Results

Contract knowledge is critical for our team to navigate the complexities of the account to resolution. Understanding ETF calculations and data/roaming limits are essential. This industry knowledge and expertise in areas critical to telecommunications enable us to successfully overcome the challenges of changing carriers, carrier charges, early termination disputes, and objections for non-payment which allows our collectors to avoid stalls for payment while educating the debtor on the necessity of payment.

Telecom Service Offerings

  • 1st Party/Early Out Programs
  • 3rd Party Collections
  • Special Investigations Unit
  • Corporate and Commercial Accounts
  • Contract Defaults & Dispute Resolution
  • Skiptracing and Probability Scoring
  • Bankruptcy Servicing

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Brown & Joseph is the leader in North American debt recovery for Chinese manufacturers who export goods all over the world. After 22 years of international recovery experience, Brown & Joseph can offer significant resources to locate shipments, resolve disputes and gain immediate settlements, overcome language and cultural barriers and recover money owed.

Our U.S.-based firm has worked with many leading global trade credit insurers to reduce write-offs and protect their interests by legally securing debt in the local domicile, all while keeping your out-of-pocket costs minimal by working on a contingency-fee basis. If there is no money recovered that is owed to you, there is no fee. Our contingency fee for recovery services applies foreign and domestic accounts.

International Service Offerings

  • 24/7 Digital Reporting
  • Comprehensive Real-time Financial, Credit and Asset Reports
  • Buyer Refuse to Receive Goods Report
  • Buyer Cannot Be Found Report
  • Weekly Bankruptcy Updates From All U.S. Courts
  • Defaulted Payment Reports
  • Fraud Case Reports
  • Settled With Other Creditors Report
  • Trade Intelligence Reports For All U.S. Databases
  • U.S. Customers and Border Protection Automated Manifest System

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Our collections and recovery team has over 20 years of experience in collecting commercial and consumer financial services debt. We are highly skilled in mortgage, auto, credit card and consumer finance.

Under increasing burdens of regulation, cost pressures and business requirements to secure recurring revenue from business assets, our team has been recognized as an industry leader in developing and customizing accounts receivable management solutions to respond to these challenges.

Our agents have on the average of over 10 years of tenure with Brown & Joseph and our management team has on the average of over 20 years’ experience in the industry. We believe that our people, technology, metrics, and coaching and development are the keys to our success.

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Since 1996 Brown & Joseph has represented a broad scope of companies. Each of these industries has unique qualities that we have been able to garner industry domain knowledge and experience to manage our client’s receivables in a transparent manner. This knowledge transfer is at the core of our success and results for our customers – we invest in understanding our client’s business.

Cash flow is essential to the success of any business. An effective accounts receivable management strategy is critical to ensure that you are paid for the products and services you extend to your customers. Our expert team brings these best practices and collection solutions to your company.

Business to Business Strategies

Brown & Joseph’s clients depend on Brown & Joseph for superior collection results and best in class service. Brown & Joseph consistently outperforms other collection agencies. On average, we collect 27% of accounts returned by 1st placement agencies as uncollectible.

In competitive scorecards, Brown & Joseph is consistently the #1 agency. Our customers all have a common goal when selecting the best vendor partners – maximize their cash in the shortest period of time with innovative solutions for their business all while protecting their brand and with attentiveness to a favorable customer experience.

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Brown & Joseph has developed unrivaled proficiency and proprietary processes for collections.

The manufacturing industry has its own unique requirements.

Through many years of handling all types of commercial debts, we have developed industry-specific proprietary methods and specialization not available through conventional collection agencies.

Proof Guaranteed

No other collection firm performs at a consistently high level as does Brown & Joseph. This is best demonstrated by the numerous prominent insurance entities and major corporations we serve.

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Brown & Joseph has developed unrivaled proficiency and proprietary processes for collections.

The health industry has its own unique requirements.

Through many years of handling all types of commercial debts, we have developed industry-specific proprietary methods and specialization not available through conventional collection agencies.

Proof Guaranteed

No other collection firm performs at a consistently high level as does Brown & Joseph. This is best demonstrated by the numerous prominent insurance entities and major corporations we serve.

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Associations & Certifications

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