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Proven Top Performer – Aligning Our Insurance Expertise With Our Clients Receivable Objectives

  1. While thousands of collection firms exist, none have obtained our level of commercial insurance proficiency. No other firms have earned our combined accreditations.  Our proven performance has earned us global insurer acclaim from carriers, agent/brokers, MGA/MGU’s, TPA’s and premium finance entities large and small.   Our proven top performance is demonstrated daily through our People, Product & Process.  Since 1996, Brown & Joseph has remained unwavering in our quest to being the Best Collection agency in the business.
  2. Brown & Joseph strategic imperatives remain the same as they did in 1996, listen to the customer, serve the customer, and you earn customer trust & loyalty. Our 96% customer retention rate validates our service sustainability. Our process brings together the critical components the insurance community requires; Insurance Proficiency, Financial Strength, Operational Efficiencies, Strategic Direction, Technical Expertise, Compliance Adherence, and adapting to each individual customers  business needs.

Brown & Joseph historically achieves the highest liquidation rates in the insurance industry.

When it comes to measuring the most effective collection agency partner, evaluate the important characteristic that contribute to their success,

    1. Performance. 

    Collection performance is measured by the net back you receive. Net back is defined by the percentage of money you receive after an agency commissions are deducted divided into the net assignment. Many companies make the costly mistake of selecting an agency that offers the lowest fee schedule. Collection agencies are for profit businesses. A lesser fee schedule results in lesser quality services; ultimately translating into lesser revenue. Less revenue means cost reductions. Less resources mean reduced performance. Lower performance results in more accounts having to be litigated, higher DSO, longer carrying costs, more business interruptions with client’s staff, etc.

    “The greatest cost to an insurance creditor lies within accounts not being collected”

    Reducing exposure & claims administration..The Dilema of Duplicate Coverage.

    In premium collections, recovering the audit, earned or group premium debt amount is the most important.  Of important financial value is reducing exposures and having the ability to subrogate any claims paid.

    Frequently debtor insureds or their agents have replaced certain coverages with another carrier.  Conventional collection agencies do not view these matters as cash recoveries and therefore make little if any effort to obtain duplicate coverage documentation.

    We view obtaining other coverage documents being of equal importance as premium collections and part of our due diligence.  We consistently obtain the highest volume of these documents.  This allows insurers to:

    a. Reduce their exposure to loss and lower their taxable premium

    b. Efficiently subrogate any claims paid

  • 2. Service

    Service is measured by the service we provide to our clients in first understanding their business, being responsive to their needs, and collaborating with them to gain mutual efficiencies leading to increased overall results. Service is also measured by the Customer Experience that their clients have in the process. As an extension of our clients’ business, we carry the responsibility for the protection of their Brand and ensuring the customer understands the reason for Brown & Joseph’s involvement and partnership.

  • 3. Compliance

    In today’s litigious environment, agency compliance, bonding and insurance, and technology safeguards are just as equally important as the recovery of your insurance related receivables. Brown & Joseph exceeds the statutory insurance and bonding requirements of a collection agency. Our Chief Compliance Officer mandates that all employees are custodians of the requirements of a collection agency. Our technical safeguards are tested and continually upgraded to ensure our responsiveness to the latest cyber security and physical threats.

The Trusted Choice to partner with Brown & Joseph, Ltd. is clear. 

“Assuring the Nation’s Insurers” – Revenue Recovery While Preserving Integrity of Relationships