Brown & Joseph provides a host of convenient features to clients in order to provide them with the most informative and favorable experience possible.

Online Access

OpenAccess is the online portal that allows Brown & Joseph clients to view each or all of their accounts, run a wide variety of real time reports 24/7 and securely place any amount of new accounts for collection.Real-time views of account data include critical account attributes and users can securely download data from Web Portal to an Excel spreadsheet. Specific data categories can be disabled from view through the administrative console.

Additionally, our web based payment portal provides an easy and efficient manner for any debtor insured or their attorney to make a payment via credit card, debit card or checking account 24/7.

Data Entry

The Brown & Joseph data entry team works in concert with our client’s technology team to provide them with complete information to communicate and coordinate with our clients’ accounts towards a favorable customers experience.Our expert data entry team is well-versed in all functional aspects of the CollectOne System, our collection database.We accept all forms of placements (systemic feeds, fax, secure email, online, mail) for ease of doing business with Brown & Joseph.

Client Reporting Console

Brown & Joseph hosts a fully automated Reporting Console that refreshes and distributes reports automatically to anyone at any time and on any recurring schedule.It is a SQL-based system, which pulls data from our collection software in real-time. To meet and exceed the needs of our global insurance clients, our reporting options are fully customizable. We offer a full suite of business intelligence reports and have the ability to recreate any existing (or potential) report our clients may need, want or currently use.This combined effort gives clients the advantage of making better informed management decisions regarding their revenue cycle.

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