Every leader is faced with tough decisions on a regular basis.

Here are seven quick tips for decision making that every leader could use:

7. Tackle your most difficult decisions first

Always tackle your most difficult decisions first.

It will not only take a weight off your shoulders, but you’ll get some good momentum going for the rest of your decision-making process.

6. Get a second opinion

Sometimes, getting a second opinion makes all the difference.

People on the outside can usually see the big picture more clearly than someone on the inside.

Sometimes getting a second opinion is one of the best decisions you can make and a decision that can help make other decisions.

5. Collect feedback from your team

Make it a habit to ask others for information and opinions.

Be open-minded and always try to get a wide range of views, so you can see an issue from as many perspectives as possible.

In the end, however, you need to trust yourself to make the right decision.

4. Leave your emotions out of it

Although it is easier said than done, keep your emotions out of business decisions.

Think logically about your decision and don’t let your emotions cloud your judgment.

3. Keep your end goal in mind

Reconnect with your end goal on a daily basis.

With every decision you make, you should be keeping your end goal in mind.

Otherwise, you may make a bad decision that could harm you and your company in the long run.

2. Limit your options

By limiting your available options, you can narrow down your choices and make the decision much easier.

Decide on the best two or three options, and take the rest off the table.

1. Be decisive

Above all, be decisive.

Try to make decisions in a timely manner and avoid flip-flopping and being indecisive.

Once you make a decision, stick with it.

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