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Best Solutions in Telecom Accounts Receivable Management

Telecom recovery is unlike traditional recovery processes. Ongoing training, seminars and panel discussions with industry experts allow our recovery team to fully understand this highly competitive landscape. We have made significant investments in data and predictive analytics technology that provides real time financial, asset, and credit information for our collection team.

Brown & Joseph has been recognized as a top performing telecom collection group in the U.S. and we have been endorsed as a preferred vendor by major telecommunications clients. Our processes, procedures, security and results complement our clients’ accounts receivable management strategy.

Industry Knowledge & Experience Delivers Results

Contract knowledge is critical for our team to navigate the complexities of the account to resolution. Understanding ETF calculations and data/roaming limits are essential. This industry knowledge and expertise in areas critical to telecommunications enable us to successfully overcome the challenges of changing carriers, carrier charges, early termination disputes, and objections for non-payment which allows our collectors to avoid stalls for payment while educating the debtor on the necessity of payment

Brown & Joseph’s Accounts Receivable Management Process

Brown & Joseph’s Four Phase Recovery Process complements our clients’ accounts receivable management strategy by integrating decision points in the collection cycle for escalating accounts to the most appropriate stage to effect recovery. Our process allows our customers to realize the most dollars recovered in the shortest period of time with the assurance that their customers will have a favorable customer experience and that their brand will protected.

Telecom Service Offerings

  • 1st Party/Early Out Programs
  • 3rd Party Collections
  • Special Investigation Unit
  • Attorney Collections
  • Legal Final Demands
  • Litigation
  • Corporate & Commercial Accounts
  • Contract Defaults and Dispute Resolution
  • Skip Tracing and Probability Scoring
  • Bankruptcy Servicing
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