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Highest Quality Logistics Solutions

Logistics debt recovery is unique, and at times complicated. Ongoing training, seminars, and panel discussions with industry experts allow our logistics recovery team to fully understand this competitive landscape which enables us to provide the best results for our clients. We have made significant investments in data and predictive analytics technology that provides real time financial, asset, and credit information for our collections team. 

Since 1996, this business intelligence has enabled the Brown & Joseph logistics collection group to set the standard for logistics accounts receivable management.  This logistics industry specialized recovery process has allowed Brown & Joseph to successfully overcome various industry challenges such as damage claims, rate disputes, detention & demurrage charges, custom & duty fees, shipper/consignee disputes and back haul claims.

Recovery Process

Brown & Joseph’s Four Phase Recovery Process provides you with the most effective collection treatment of your receivables. Our subject matter experts are able to overcome common objections for payment such as claims for damages, rate disputes, and consignee and shipper disputes. Our legal network of attorneys have the domain knowledge to protect your rights and interest should we require their services to effect recovery.

We understand the importance for maintaining a positive relationship with your customers and evaluate our collectors on adherence to this standard of excellence.

Our Expertise Includes:

  • Ocean Cargo
  • Air Cargo
  • Rail Cargo
  • Road Cargo
  • Import/export
  • Customs/duties
  • International
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