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U.S.-Based Collection Law Firm

Brown & Joseph, Ltd. is the leader in North American debt recovery for Chinese manufacturers who export goods all over the world. After 15 years of international recovery experience successfully handling cases for the groups that oversee credit insurance on exports, Brown & Joseph can offer significant resources that help to locate shipments, resolve disputes and gain immediate settlements, overcome language and cultural barriers, and recover money owed.

Our U.S. based firm has worked with many leading global trade credit insurers to reduce write-offs, protect their interests by legally securing debt in the local domicile, all while keeping your out of pocket costs minimal by working on a contingency basis. If there is no money recovered that is owed to you, there is no fee. Our contingency based fees for our recovery services (no success-no charge) apply the same to accounts whether the debtor company is foreign or domestic. 

The #1 International Debt Recovery Agency in China

Over the past 11 years Brown & Joseph has come to be recognized as the #1 most effective collection firm recovering from U.S. businesses that owe international credit grantors, and has also now forged the most effective partnerships with the leading Chinese debt collection resources to recover from any Chinese business that owes.

Between China and the U.S., much like between any two countries, if you are not able to efficiently bridge the gap between language and cultural barriers you will not succeed. Brown & Joseph has succeeded. We currently have lawyers in both the U.S. and China and unlike most law firms, we perform all of our services on a results oriented contingency basis. We are only paid when we collect.

Worldwide Network of Bonded Attorneys 

We have established relationship with proven effective counsel in jurisdictions worldwide. All counsel are Commercial Law League (CLLA) members. The CLLA poses strict requirements of members, requiring at minimum that they are licensed and bonded in their respective global jurisdictions. On your behalf we will continually monitor pre- and post-judgment activities and report progress in a timely manner.

Global Trade is Still Challenging

Over the last number of years, exporters have been having many challenges obtaining highly effective collections and legal support from partners here in the U.S. Some key elements to a mutually beneficial long term partnership with a U.S. collection group is trust, communications, and mutual respect. You get all of those elements with Brown & Joseph. Over the past 15 years, our international asset and collection group has grown by 400%. We represent software companies for piracy claims, we represent wholesalers’ damage claims, and judgments enforced on Chinese manufacturers for returned and damaged items.

Overview of Servicing Reports

  • 24/7 Digital Reporting – Debtor Company Current Status
  • Comprehensive Real Time Financial, Credit and Asset Reports
  • Buyer Refuse to Receive Goods Report
  • Buyer cannot be Found Reports
  • Weekly Bankruptcy Updates from all U.S. Courts
  • Defaulted Payment Reports
  • Disputed Claim Reports
  • Fraud Case Reports
  • Settled With Other Creditors Report
  • Trade Intelligence Reports from us for all U.S. Database import waterborne shipments
  • U.S. Customs and Border Protection Automated Manifest System
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