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Insurance Industry Experts

The insurance industry is a complex maze of calculations and regulations. Our staff is fully trained through experienced premium auditors, long and short term disability case managers, overpayment calculation specialists, insurance debt collection attorneys and seasoned insurance collection veterans.

Brown & Joseph’s insurance recovery team collects an average of 27% more on accounts that were returned by the 1st placement agency as uncollectible. Our Second Placement Agency Auditing Program provides the assurance that premium recoveries are maximized and that 1st placement agencies are fulfilling their obligations to meet performance expectations.

Recovery Process

Brown & Joseph’s Four Phase Recovery Process delivers the highest possible collection results for our customers.

Estimated Audit Resolution Program (EARP)

The purpose of EARP is to conver non-compliant and estimated audits into a continuous revenue stream based on a contingency fee, meaning if we don’t collect, you don’t pay. EARP delivers efficiencies that reduce re-audit costs, internal soft costs and your overall Days Premium Outstanding (DPO). Click here for complete information about the EARP advantage.

Proof Guaranteed

No other collection firm performs at a consistently high level as Brown & Joseph. This is demonstrated by the carriers we service.

Services and Focus

  • Primary and Secondary Placements

  • Policyholder Retention Programs

  • Collection Agency Auditing Programs

  • 1st Party & 3rd Party Collections

  • Insurance Earned Premium Collections

  • P&C/Workers Comp Collection Strategies

  • Excess & Specialty Collection Strategies

  • Deductible Recovery Solutions

  • Agent Commission Chargebacks

  • Life/Disability/SSDI retro payment offset/Annuities

  • Provider Overpayments & Wrongful Payment Recovery

  • Surety Bond Premium Collections

  • Bankruptcy Servicing

  • Legal Collections/Litigation Management

  • Estimated Audit Resolution Program

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