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Accounts Receivable Management Experts

Cash flow is essential for the success of any business. An effective accounts receivable management strategy is critical to ensure that you are paid for the products and services you extend to your customers. Our expert team brings these best practices and collection solutions to your company.

Experienced, Knowledgeable, Successful

Since 1996 Brown & Joseph, Ltd. has represented a broad scope of companies. Each of these industries has unique qualities that we have been able to garner industry domain knowledge and experience to manage our client’s receivables in a transparent manner. This knowledge transfer is at the core of our success and results for our customers – we invest in understanding our client’s business.

Business to Business Strategies

Brown & Joseph’s clients depend on Brown & Joseph for superior collection results and best in class service. Brown & Joseph consistently outperforms other collection agencies. On average, we collect 27% of accounts returned by 1st placement agencies as uncollectible. In competitive scorecards, Brown & Joseph is consistently the #1 agency. Our customers all have a common goal when selecting the best vendor partners – maximize their cash in the shortest period of time with innovative solutions for their business all while protecting their brand and with attentiveness to a favorable customer experience.

Four Phase Recovery Process

Brown & Joseph’s Four Phase Recovery Process includes credit scoring, asset investigation, predictive payment trends, and dollar segmentation in the prioritization of our customers’ accounts. Cases are assigned to subject matter experts in our dedicated insurance collection division and or our in-house law office for contingency fee collections. Accounts identified as more challenging, receive the impact of the law office for the same contingency fee.  Cases not recovered are reviewed by our legal and Special Investigations Unit (SIU) to determine the financial ability to pay and the legal strategies needed to collect. Cases that are evaluated for litigation to affect recovery are assigned to an attorney in the insured’s locale for litigation when approved by our clients. Our litigation review process has reduced our client’s suit needs by 98%.

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