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Commercial Insurance-Related Debts Are the Most Complex to Handle

When surveying hundreds of CLLA bonded commercial collection law firms across the country, we asked what they considered to be the most difficult and complex category of commercial debts to handle. All deemed that to be commercial insurance related debts and more specifically, worker’s compensation audits were by far considered the most complex of all.    

Collection Expertise

Brown & Joseph, Ltd. has developed unrivaled proficiency and proprietary processes within commercial insurance markets and workers’ compensation audits is our largest business segment. Adding to having garnered global insurer acclaim as the #1 Top Performing Collection Firm, Brown & Joseph became recognized as the #1 Debt Collection Agency For International Trade Credit Insurers in China. Our non-insurance specialty units for B2B, Staffing, Logistics, Telecom, Manufacturing and International Industries have likewise earned many accolades and trade association endorsements.

Each one of these diverse non-insurance industries have their own unique requirements. Through many years of handling all types of commercial debts, we have developed industry specific proprietary methods & specialization not available through conventional collection agencies.  

As a testament to our professionalism, over 10% of our non-insurance clientele had originally been a debtor of an insurance client!  

Proof Guaranteed

No other collection firm performs at a consistently high level as does Brown & Joseph. This is best demonstrated by the numerous prominent insurance entities and major corporations we service.

Services and Focus

  • Primary and Secondary Placements

  • Policyholder Retention Programs

  • Assigned Risk/Residual Markets

  • Reinsurance Recoverables

  • Retrospective Premium Assessments
  • Collection Agency Auditing Programs
  • 1st Party & 3rd Party Collections
  • Earned Premium Collections
  • P&C/Workers Comp Collection Strategies
  • Excess & Specialty Collection Strategies
  • Deductible Recovery Solutions
  • Agent Debits / Agent Commission Chargebacks
  • Life / Health / Disability / SSDI retro payment offset/Annuities
  • Provider Overpayments & Wrongful Payment Recovery
  • Surety Bond Premium Collections
  • Bankruptcy Servicing
  • Legal Collections/Litigation Management
  • Estimated Audit Resolution Program (E.A.R.P. Program)
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