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Brown and Joseph Exclusive Insurance SIU Research & Development Unit

Our exclusive insurance SIU research and development (R&D) department continually investigates alternate debtor communication and investigative technologies to enhance all recovery protocols. Brown & Joseph has revolutionized conventional insurance collection practices greatly in part  through these proprietary forensic insurance resources that prove to exponentially increase recovery over any other collection vendor.


  • Workers’ Compensation Verification Portals
  • Anonymous Non-Compliance Reporting
  • Commonly Managed Enterprise Investigations (CME Investigations)
  • Department of Transportation Commercial Vehicle Coverage Investigations (DOTI Investigations)
  • Contractor Licensure & Bonding Researching
  • ACORD/ISO policy, NCCI provision & Work Comp Bureau statutory language leveraging

To protect our interests in these profoundly successful protocols, procedural elements are not displayed publicly. We welcome the opportunity share the fundamental details these unique resources to qualified inquiries; which may require the execution of a Confidentiality Non-Disclosure Agreement.      

General Special Investigation Unit

It is widely recognized that the enormous advances in technology today with access to big data and fast data intelligence are changing the business world. Brown & Joseph has collaborated with leading credit risk management software organizations to develop an integrated network of information data points into a clear, concise and cohesive assessment of a company’s ability to pay.  

Commercial Credit Scoring

Brown & Joseph’s proprietary Commercial Credit Scoring and Credit Risk Analysis is performed on commercial collection accounts to create a much more effective workflow process that is proven to generate higher collected amounts in shorter time frames. The model allows us to accurately and intelligently classify and prioritize accounts at point of entry into our collection system and work accounts in the most effective collection process for that particular account.

We have invested heavily in technology to integrate information from public and private databases into our predicative models. This enables our collection team, and your internal collection team, a clear advantage.

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