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Second Assignments

When collection vendor marketers contact insurers, most respond saying they are happy with the service they receive from current vendors and do not want to consider changing for a number of reasons; reluctance, process, implementation, etc. Even several of our 250+ carrier and 1,000+ agent/broker clients had originally been content with their former vendors as well. Astute finance executives from top insurers realize that unless they compare their present vendor against an insurance proficient and reputable collection firm, they will not be certain that they are receiving the highest quality of services available. 

We respect the loyalty and trust that often takes years to cultivate with vendors. However, we are confident in our capabilities in providing you with a viable basis for comparison. Utilizing our extensive data mining resources and applying our unique insurance collection methodologies, we have discovered much equity in accounts that other collection agencies had closed as uncollectible. So confident are we that for no charge and no commitment, we offer to perform thorough financial investigations/credit scoring upon your portfolio of closed accounts. 

Examining the resulting data may then afford you two financial opportunities to consider. Either easily re-submit them to our insurance collection divisions as Second Assignments or we may present you with a cash offer to acquire them altogether through our Charge Off Acquisition Program (COAP). You will be interested to know that our collection results on Second Assignments often equal and even exceed the results that other vendors achieved on the files as First Placements. We are unrivaled in our commercial premiums and claims proficiency and possess near limitless proprietary insurance collection resources. There is no risk in either of these financial opportunities we offer to convert your write offs into working capital. 

Whether performing a Second Assignment or Head2Head challenge, clients have compared us with scores of respected and formidable competitors from the largest global to smaller niche market firms.

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