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Selecting the Right Attorney

When you need to litigate you need a trusted partner who will select, oversee, and manage the best attorneys to protect your rights. You want to be sure you are being represented by firms that subscribe to the highest standards of professionalism and are the most talented network of collection attorneys who understand commercial insurance and recover more of your money. Brown & Joseph’s network of attorneys has been developed through extensive research and performance results over 20+ years to provide unparralled levels of service and results for our insurance customers.

Coverage Areas

Brown & Joseph’s network of attorneys handle referrals for all cities, county seats, and sizable towns in the United States, Canada, and most commercial centers throughout the world. Brown & Joseph has a global presence internationally. We have been servicing U.S. collection accounts for trade credit insurers worldwide since 1999 and through trusted partnerships with other country’s legal systems, we have cultivated a high performing global network of attorneys.

The Key is Knowing When Not to Litigate

Brown & Joseph conducts extensive investigative research through our Special Investigations Unit (SIU) to gather information intelligence prior to recommending litigation. We integrate Business Intelligence into our models to make more informed decisions throughout the collection cycle.

Filing suit should be your last resort. The courts are overwhelmed and overloaded. The court costs and attorney fee rates are increasing.

We utilize counsel and the judicial process to enforce involuntary recovery only after all resources had been exhausted in convincing debtor insureds to voluntarily pay. When we recommend litigation, we are intent upon your prevailing.

The litigation arena is an insurance creditor unfriendly and pro-debtor environment. The success of selected counsel has proven to overcome this obstacle      

Our clients receive the entire benefit of Credit Scoring, Risk Analysis, Payment Probability, Asset Investigation, AgencyCollections, and Attorney Collections all with one single point of contact.

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