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Legal Impact Without Legal Costs – Speed up your Collection Cycle

Brown & Joseph’s effective accounts receivable management process will quickly identify premiums and/or claims debts that require more escalated efforts.  Those accounts that may not be resolved through our primary or front line collection efforts, may respond once a law firm is involved.  Our analytics may also determine those select files where primary efforts should be by-passed and initial contacts be made by counsel.  In both cases, we have the availability to leverage the legal impact by using our in-house attorney offices.  This further expedites the recovery process and ensures that collections opportunities are not jeopardized through delaying escalated efforts.

No Higher Contingency Rate For Our Corporate Counsel Intervention

Brown & Joseph wants your money to be recovered in the most effective and timely manner. Accounts that are recovered through our in-house attorney are at the same contingency rate as our front line agency efforts.  Providing clients with the benefits of legal impact without the legal costs.

Litigation – The Last Link In the Chain Of Recovery

Statistics prove that some delinquent customers actually wait until they hear from an attorney before responding or taking any kind of action.   

Our equally insurance proficient attorney group at Leviton Law Firm will make it clear to the debtor company that this is their last opportunity to resolve this matter before our final recommendations to our client which may including litigation.

We Litigate Less than 1% of all Accounts…a fraction of what other collection firms litigate.

Statistics further prove that some delinquent customers actually wait until they receive a court summons before responding or taking any kind of action.

Our selected out-side attorneys are well versed in all facets of commercial insurance and skilled in overcoming the debtor’s objections to paying the debt. The resulting impact is our client’s money is collected faster, at a lower rate and with greatly reduced expenses associated with litigation such as travel for witnesses, court costs, suit fees, and attorney’s fees.

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