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Premium Collections

For optimal efficiencies, Brown and Joseph’s P&C and L/H premium collection divisions are further segmented into units that handle either Audits (Actual & Estimated), Earned Premiums or Group.  For many of our largest of insurance company or major broker clients, we have found even greater efficiencies to have teams solely dedicated to handle their individual premium debt portfolios.  For our Servicing Carrier clients, we are staffed with an Assigned Risk/Residual Markets expert who ensures adherence to NCCI rules and other mandates required by various state Pools, Plans and Funds.  Not only is proficiency in type of coverage an essential core competency of our resolution specialists, but intimate knowledge of each clients’ policy servicing, accounting, underwriting and auditing operatives has proven to facilitate mutual productivity.

Claims Collections

Similar to premium collection operatives, Brown and Joseph’s P&C and L/H claims collection divisions are further segmented into units that handle either Deductibles, Overpayments, (which includes STD/.LTD, Provider Overpayments, Duplicate, Payments Made In Error/Unjust Enrichment), Subrogation and Construction Defect.  Primarily with Provider Overpayments, much of our expeditious recovery success is contributed to our already established relationships with the Overpayment Reimbursement Operations at hundreds of the larger medical facilities, where the rapport we have built with them ensures that they prioritize reimbursements of our clients claims(s) well before the hundreds of requests they receive daily from other insurers and/or their collection vendors.  For many of our largest health insurers, we have found greater efficiencies to have teams solely dedicated to handling their entire claims debt portfolios. 

Whether premiums, claims, agent debits or premium finance deficiency balances, all of our expert, innovative and proprietary resources are brought to bear on each and every file.  All efforts are exhausted to resolve all accounts without having to resort to our continually escalating recovery resources. 

Brown & Joseph is the only collection agency that brings all these components together to give our commercial insurance clients the Best Results and Service.

Best People, Best Process, Best Collection Technology, Best Insurance Resources,

Best Training, Most Knowledge = Best Results

V.P. Operations at Life/Health Insurer with U.S. assets over $890 Billion…“Brown and Joseph is a Big Win for our Organization.”

“Assuring the Nation’s Insurers” – Revenue Recovery While Preserving Integrity of Relationships

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