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Complete Receivable Solutions for the Insurance Creditors Community at Large

As the Trusted Choice Insurance Specialized collection agency to commercial insurance creditors worldwide, Brown & Joseph has taken the status quo of mainstream collections and developed an innovative and comprehensive approach that increases premiums and claims recovery percentages, reduces exposure and reduces the need for litigation, all while preserving the integrity of the relationships between insurers, agents and insureds. 

We align our commercial insurance collection expertise with your receivable objectives.  We are able to share with your team the latest in our revolutionary insurance collection resources and the Best Practices that are related to insurance Receivable Management, Credit Risk Management, Probability Scoring & Analytics, Digital Collection Technology, Debt Recovery Strategies, Attorney Collections, Legal & Litigation, International Collections, Bankruptcy Servicing, Special Investigations, and Premium/Claims Debt Portfolio Acquisitions.

Innovative Insurance Industry Solutions

The “Voice of the Customer” speaks volumes in the development of innovative solutions to address our client’s needs. The following are several examples of processes and programs that were developed around our customers’ needs after cross functional collaboration meetings.

  • Four Phase Collection Model – recovers more money for our clients in the shortest period of time.

    Phase One – Credit Scoring & Risk Analysis
    Phase Two – Agency Collections
    Phase Three – Attorney Collections
    Phase Four – Litigation

  • Litigation Model – reduces legal costs to less than 1/10th of 1% of all files placed with Brown & Joseph, Ltd.

  • CPAudits – a Brown & Joseph Company developed through consultation with top 50 Insurance companies on their audit business practices.  CPAudits can transform non-productive and/or estimated audits into actual audit premium revenues.

  • Special Investigation Unit – designed to provide in depth investigation on select accounts to allow our customers to make more information decisions with their money

  • Insurance Recovery Protocols – Within several property/casualty lines of assigned risk, voluntary market and Excess & Surplus lines and even Life/Health, we developed unique proprietary collection protocols proven to exponentially increase collections.

  • Proprietary Insurance Reference & Resource Libraries – Brown and Joseph is the only known collection agency that maintains continually updated libraries of NCCI/SCOPES, ISO/PAAS, underwriting and claims manuals, state Bureau and Department of Insurance directories. Resources allowing for the most effective ability to address/refute disputes. In addition to increasing recovery, clients experience notable reduction in their own accounting, underwriting, auditing, policy management and claims administration.

  • ACORD Application, ISO, NCCI & Bureau Provisions Integrated In Collector Scripts – Our forensic policy provision collection experts have identified data within respective ACORD applications, ISO policy language, NCCI and Bureau provisions that have been incorporated into a proprietary collector talk-off. How we strategically integrate this data into collector dialogues when communicating with insurance debtors results in greater and faster voluntary resolutions.

  • BrokerQuickCollect– Assisting our agent/broker, MGA/MGU clients, we developed BrokerQuickCollect or BQC which is a unique program minimizing commissions being forfeited on policies they would otherwise turn-back to carriers. The additional benefit of agent/brokers retaining commissions is that carriers will have far fewer policies they would then responsible in resolving.    

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