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Outstanding Client Relations

Conventional collection agencies typically provide client services through either their sales department or collection department. Brown & Joseph assigns a dedicated customer service representative that serves as our client’s advocate for all their business requirements.

The customer service representative continuously evaluates the totality of the client/agency relationship involving all aspects of marketing, claim processing, recovery, litigation and statistical reporting collectively. Our client service department consistently receives insurer accolades for the highest marks for service, knowledge of each client’s specific business and timely responsiveness to any and all of their inquiries and concerns.

Much of our service protocols parallel the best insurance policy service administration models adopted by the highest rated insurers.     


Customer Care Designed Around Your Needs

Our dedicated customer care team is located at our headquarters just outside of Chicago and is available by phone, e-mail or through our website OpenAccess program. Each representative is trained and highly skilled in the aspects of each client’s operations. Brown & Joseph’s core standard operating procedures are further customized to accommodate any and all unique customer service requirements.

Our representatives serve as your consistent and reliable point of contact. They advocate between the various departments; bringing cohesiveness to the total client/agency experience. All requests and/or inquiries are date stamped, documented and entered into our service request tracking systems. This system allows management to track and manage response times to ensure rapid handling, resolution and customer satisfaction.

Quality Assurance

Optimum quality is assured by our routinely performing customer service quality surveys with clients from all lines of businesses.  The insurance client experience is an integral part of our Best Process model and their feedback allows us to continually re fine all of our processes.

To date, our client services has garnered a 99.1% satisfaction rating measured by our client responses to our quality surveys.

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