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Brown & Joseph’ BPI models will assist all within the commercial insurance community in identifying, analyzing, and improving upon existing business processes to optimize efficiencies to exceed quotas or standards of quality.

Business Process Improvement

The definition of BPI is simple:  Run smarter, run leaner, run faster – spend less and enhance your revenue cycle. By aligning our insurance expertise with your receivable objectives, Brown & Joseph brings all these components into a business process to effect recovery while providing consultation for our client’s accounts receivable management strategies.  All the while we remain cognizant of preserving the relationships between insurers and insureds.   

Doing more with less

Insurers are continually faced with finding alternative solutions to maintain policy and claims service levels and revenue with cost reductions. When insurers are able to focus on their Core Competencies, and use trusted insurance expert partners to perform tasks and functions, they find that they can optimize their own efficiencies and increase their bottom line. 

Cost Analysts Add it Up

Brown & Joseph has corporate cost analysts working with us and our carrier, agent/broker and Third Party Administrator clients to quantify all of the work and services that we have performed for clients.  We serve as an extension of our client’s business operations and only get paid our fees out of premiums and claims money recovered. This saves our clients substantial time and dollars that they would have otherwise been paid in back office expense, time, hourly wages and benefits

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