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Logistics Industry Collections

Logistics Industry Collections

Ongoing training, seminars, and panel discussions with industry experts allow our logistics recovery team to fully understand this competitive landscape which enables us to provide the best results for our clients.

We have made significant investments in data and predictive analytics technology that provides real-time financial, asset and credit information for our collections team.

Since 1996, this business intelligence has enabled the Brown & Joseph logistics collection group to set the standard for logistics accounts receivable management.

Specialized recovery process

Our specialized recovery process has allowed Brown & Joseph to successfully overcome various industry challenges, such as:

  • Damage claims
  • Rate disputes
  • Detention & demurrage charges
  • Custom & duty fees
  • Shipper/consignee disputes
  • Backhaul claims

We train our collectors to communicate effectively with consumers. They are trained to be experts in their industry segment due to the complexity of the billing and collection process and are able to successfully explain what is owed and why.

Oftentimes, the issue is not the ability to pay but rather the need to explain/educate the consumer on the process for determining the amount due and various payment options available.

Logistics Collection Features

Brand Protection

One of our top priorities is protecting the brand of our clients. We foster an environment that is built on promoting a favorable customer experience for our clients' accounts.

Litigation & Bankruptcy

As a member of the Commercial Law League of America (CLLA), Brown & Joseph has a network of attorneys nationwide that will help you during the litigation process at no extra cost.

24/7 OpenAccess Portal

OpenAccess is the 24/7 online portal that allows our clients to view their accounts and securely place new accounts for collection at any time.

Customized Reports

Brown & Joseph hosts a fully automated Reporting Console that refreshes and distributes reports automatically to anyone at any time and on any recurring schedule.

Contingency Fee

Brown & Joseph operates on a contingency-fee basis, meaning if we don't collect anything, you don't pay anything.

Skip Tracing

Within our Special Investigations Unit (SIU) are several trained skip tracing specialists with years of experience in private investigations.

No-Commitment 2nd Placements

Our 2nd placement program is the perfect way to “test drive” our unique capabilities.

We will review and score all accounts returned by your first agency as uncollectible and report our findings to you at no cost, and without disrupting any ongoing or current vendor relationships.