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director, business intelligence

Asif Munir

  • amunir@brownandjoseph.com

Asif Munir joined Brown & Joseph in 2003. He was initially recruited to develop a Management Information Process for the Executive Management Team that would facilitate implementation of best practices and controlled growth in operations.

Asif’s accomplishments emphasize over 10 years of experience in the areas of operational management and over 9 years of experience in accounts receivable management. Many of the processes implemented were modeled after the best practices of major insurers.

His knowledge of implementation and process control, technology and automation in various aspects of accounts receivable management business aided Asif to quickly ascend to Chief Operating Officer of Brown & Joseph.

corporate trainer

Ed Hallisy

  • ehallisy@brownandjoseph.com

Ed is responsible for training each newly-hired recovery professional at Brown & Joseph.

For a period of three weeks, Ed teaches new hires best collection practices and guides them through group call reviews, file handling and more.

Chief Production Officer

Stacy Affatigato

  • saffatigato@brownandjoseph.com

Stacy Affatigato joined Brown & Joseph in 2007 to manage the company’s growing litigation department. She worked closely with insurance clients to reduce frivolous nuisance litigation while increasing client net-back through productive negotiation and litigation.

During that time, Stacy began working with our international clients and developed a specialty team of collectors, as well as customized processes and procedures to make Brown & Joseph the industry leader in the collection of international claims.

Due to the success of our litigation and international claims department, Stacy became Chief Internal Auditor where she audited all collection-related departments to ensure exemplary work standards and optimal client performance.

Stacy has since been promoted to Chief Production Officer and now oversees the entire collection staff, implements customized teams based on client knowledge, works with all other management to ensure all staff is properly trained, audited, educated and are representing our insurance clientele with the utmost professionalism.

vice president, finance

Jessica Schneider

  • jschneider@brownandjoseph.com

Jessica Schneider serves as Brown & Joseph’s Corporate Controller.

Jessica’s responsibilities include accounting operations management, risk management and developing and overseeing various financial transaction control systems.

She is a driven accounting professional, starting her career with Brown & Joseph in 2007.  Jessica’s progression with the firm was a direct reflection of her financial astuteness and strong interpersonal skills that built confidence from colleagues that work directly with her, report to her and through fiscal responsibility for the business.

She leads by example to get the job done by consistently finding solutions after evaluating multiple alternative options. She has assisted in areas that created vision, organic growth, internal controls, sound financial models, valuations and efficiencies.

Her previous experience as the Client Service Manager are an invaluable resource in onboarding, training, and management oversight for insurance clients. She has worked with insurance clients to develop efficient channels and methods of communication and data exchange by implementing core policies and procedures as the framework for customer engagements that are still being used today.

executive vice president, sales

Dennis Falletti

  • dfalletti@brownandjoseph.com

Dennis Falletti’s experience spans over 30 years as a sales and marketing executive in the accounts receivable management industry. His resume includes being elected to the Gerson Lehrman Group National Advisory Council Top 20 Advisory Group as an independent consultant and roles as sales and operations management professional working with companies ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500s.

He has in-depth knowledge of receivable portfolio purchasing, A/R management, software solutions, collections and the BPO of receivables process and management.

Areas of expertise: commercial collections for B2B segments with a focus on insurance audit and earned premium collections and recovery management, disability overpayment recovery, deductibles recovery, surety bond premiums, wrongful payments of death benefits recovery.

executive vice president, sales

Dave Robbins

  • drobbins@brownandjoseph.com

Dave Robbins is responsible for developing business platforms for existing and new customers to improve the recovery performance, service and the customer experience for Brown & Joseph’s Insurance customers. 

Dave ensures customer success by the execution of key customer and business performance service level agreements to grow revenues with long-term planning. Using predictive modeling and analytics, Dave is accountable to deliver short-term results, forecast future revenue and develop a long-term strategic vision for the business. His commitment to providing the most favorable customer experience covers internal and external customers through better integration and alignment between sales, marketing and operations.

His experience in operations and sales has enabled Dave to provide innovative solutions to respond to the challenges facing his customers. Keys to success is ensuring that team members have a deep domain knowledge of client’s business, the value of their brand in the marketplace, and his ability to interpret and report data through executive level summaries to assist Brown & Joseph clients with forecasting and process improvements and efficiencies.


Laurie Rogals

  • lrogals@brownandjoseph.com

Laurie Donzelli Rogals has nearly 30 years of commercial credit and collection experience. She has an extensive background in premiums and claims debt resolution within the commercial property/casualty industry with an emphasis on audit premiums.

At a prior firm Laurie also lead a group life/health division, responsible for implementing recovery protocols for all carriers. She provides strategic business analysis, staff training and development and client relationship management.

She has excellent track record in positions of increasing responsibilities and holds an Illinois Property & Casualty Producers License, as well as being extremely well-versed in audit process and retrospective premium analysis.

Laurie excels in aligning her commercial insurance expertise with each insurers receivable objectives and is continually recognized by management, peers and insurance clients for delivering exceptional personalized customer service and significantly enhancing overall company operations.


Misha Storozhuk

  • mstorozhuk@brownandjoseph.com

Misha Storozhuk joined Brown & Joseph in 2008 with 15 years of experience in information technology for the financial services industry.

Misha has a Masters Degree in Information Technology Networks. His primary goal when he joined Brown & Joseph was to improve security, both digitally and physically within the office, ensuring that both are secure and impenetrable to any unauthorized source.

He brings his depth of experience, technical skills and management capabilities to his current position where he supports the administration and management operations.

Misha has made numerous impressive contributions to Brown & Joseph’s I.T. network and he and his technical support team continue to make improvements daily.

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