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The Brown & Joseph mission is to deliver and sustain the highest quality, most effective and innovative solutions to the insurance community at large and providing our employees with meaningful work in a healthy, exciting, productive and idea inducing environment.

At the core of our mission, we will commit to all employees and clients that we will consistently encourage openness, innovation, and growth for all. We communicate this message to every employee as we know that our success is interdependent on each other to deliver the Best In Class Dedicated Customer Care.

People are our greatest asset

The best process with the best technology is not what makes our consistently high performing company great.  It is the people that truly make our company great.  The people we work with and the people who are our clients, equally and collectively make our company great. 

“Assuring the Nation’s Insurers” – Revenue Recovery While Preserving Integrity of Relationships Between Insurers and Insureds