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The History of Brown & Joseph

Founded in Chicago in 1996 by the same private owners who lead the firm today, Brown & Joseph’s vision of strategic controlled growth, industry achievement and advancements in debtor communications technologies has resulted in our becoming recognized as the preeminent purveyor of global solutions in the commercial property/casualty and life/health premiums and claims recovery markets. We are highly regarded and respected for setting the highest standards in licensure, compliance, bonding and insurance coverages that exceed state and federal mandates. Our diverse portfolio of specialized debt recovery and receivable management services are unrivaled by conventional collection agencies. 

Consistent Growth In Commercial Debt Recovery


    What makes some companies good and others great? It is a commitment to understanding their customers’ expectations and definition of success. Brown & Joseph has developed time tested performance based solutions and protocols to meet and exceed the needs of our insurance clientele.


    Brown & Joseph insurance niche clients encompass the largest global insurers, renowned carriers and reinsurers, RRG’s, agent/brokers and MGA/MGU’s who underwrite virtually every line of commercial property/casualty and Life/Health/Dental exposures.  Covering voluntary insurers, servicing carriers and assigned risk pools, plans and funds within both NCCI mandated and non-mandated states.  Our proficiency in the most complex categories of debt enables us to be even more qualified and capable in protecting the financial interests of prestigious clients within Logistics, Telecom, Staffing and Manufacturing industries, many of whom we’ve been privileged to work with for over 20 years.


    We have proven that collectors highly skilled in underwriting, auditing and accounting, who also comprehend policy service concepts, will garner a debtor/insured confidence, respect & ultimately cooperation.  As opposed to typical intimidation and threat tactics that alienate.  We have found what it takes to be the unequaled leader in our industry, and as such we spare no expense to acquire and/or develop the very latest tools and technology.  It is hiring and retaining the right people who exemplify the drive to be the very best in a disciplined manner while servicing the needs of each individual customer. Our history is our DNA and we believe that’s what makes our history great, is having a history of great people.

“It is our priority to assist the insurance community in developing solutions to overcome any of the challenges they face as we investigate new methods to help our insurance partners control their cost and improve efficiencies with their accounts receivable management strategies.  Strategies where significant bottom line results and savings far above that of any conventional collection agency vendor are realized.  We align our unrivaled insurance expertise with our client’s receivable objectives.”

– Chris Cappuccilli, Chief Executive Officer


“Assuring the Nation’s Insurers” – Revenue Recovery While Preserving Integrity of Relationships

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