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The Brown & Joseph Difference

Brown & Joseph brings state-of-the-art information intelligence into our operations to achieve greater and faster net results for our clients.

In addition to providing more working capital and minimizing write offs, our clients experience noticeable reductions in their own accounting, underwriting, auditing and claims administration expenses due to our increased efficiencies.

We have raised the bar in collection industry standards and ethics by first changing the way debt and debtors are defined and perceived.

With this mindset, our resolutions specialists achieve far greater cooperation by establishing goodwill and earning your former clients’ trust and respect. 

Proprietary Protocols

We continually investigate alternate resources and methods to increase recovery and efficiencies. We have integrated ACORD application language, NCCI provisions and workers’ compensation bureau statutes into our collection process.

Our unique workers’ compensation anonymous non-compliance reporting is one of our most effective benefits. 

Additionally, our proprietary directories for workers’ compensation verification portals and our Department of Transportation commercial vehicle coverage verification portals are only two of the trade secret methods we have developed.

We Collect What Others Can’t

As a simple no risk test to prove our top performance ability, many companies will compile all of their unpaid and uncollected accounts that their current collection agencies did not recover and have Brown & Joseph evaluate the true recovery potential in the 2nd placement portfolio.

Brown & Joseph consistently is able to recover significant percentages from this uncollected bad debt. Most often our recovery results in 2nd placements will equal and may even exceed the performance results of the original collection agency who handled the files as 1st placements.

Our results objectively demonstrate that we can collect what others cannot. Using business intelligence and analysis, with a four-phased approach that engages the top insurance specialized collection agency, backed by our audit resolution resources and in-house law office, Brown & Joseph enables our customers to optimize their business capital.

Money Bag

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