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Increased interconnectivity over the worldwide web increases vulnerability.

Securing our cyberspace, I.T. infrastructure, operating systems, applications and equipment ensures overall protection for Brown & Joseph and our clients.

Security Policies and Procedures

Safeguards are controlled, monitored and hardened against accidents, attacks or environmental disasters to ensure business and client data is protected.

NOTE: Information comes from the Brown & Joseph Security Program Manual.

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing (pentesting) is the process of testing our applications for vulnerabilities. The purpose of a penetration test is to identify any key weaknesses in our systems and applications and to determine how to best allocate resources to improve the security of our organization as a whole. 

In addition to pentesting being regularly performed by our Chief Technology Officer, further pentesting involves a team of skilled hackers. We purposefully ensure that the hackers do not have access to any source code and ask them to try to gain access to our systems. 

Penetration tests are carried out on IP address ranges, individual applications or our company name.

All of our I.T. security and safeguard certifications are readily available to qualified inquiries. 

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