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Time to Get Organized!

Written by Allison Sima, Sr. Marketing Communications Coordinator. February 19, 2014.

Christina Scalise is the one who said, “Organization isn’t about perfection; it’s about efficiency, reducing stress and clutter, saving time and money and improving your overall quality of life.”

As the winter ends and we approach spring, when could be a better time to get organized at the office? After all, spring is known as the time to “clean” and spruce up.

Here are a few tips to help you organize the work week:

Make a To-Do List. It is easy to feel overwhelmed on Monday when you see all the work ahead of you. Break it down and write it down. It helps mentally to put it on paper because it is a way of getting it off of your mind and directly in front of you. This way you can really see and evaluate your work. Put a box next to each item, and as you complete them, put a check mark in the box. The more checks you add, the further along you are. As you accomplish more, it will relieve stress. 

Prioritize. Scrutinize (for a moment) over what should be done right away and what can wait a little bit. Pick out the items that are most important and start with those. Do not procrastinate as that can also add stress.  The “heavy hitters” carry the most weight, so as you get through the crucial items, you will feel like you have shed some pounds.

Divvy up Tasks throughout the Week. For longer tasks or projects, don’t wait to the last minute.  Give yourself a few days to get it done.  Break it down into parts and check something off every day.  You’ll feel like you’ve accomplished more in a work day if you don’t let everything else fall to the way side. 

Knock Out the Small Stuff. Every day take time to finish tasks that can be done easily and in a short amount of time. You can quickly add more check marks to your list and bring yourself closer to “getting ahead” for the week.

Minimize and Organize Your Space. Keep your work space clean and lean. A key component in getting more done is staying focused, which means eliminating distractions. Only keep things in your work space that need to be done and things that will keep you motivated.

Take Breaks. When you are overworked and tired, you move slower and your mind is not as sharp. That is why it is essential to take time out. It doesn’t have to be long, just enough to unwind and breathe.