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Collectively Speaking: the Transportation Industry

Written by John Whyte, Vice President Business Development, Brown & Joseph, Ltd.

January 29, 2014.

Recently, the U. S. Commerce Department reported that the current account deficit was the smallest in four years.  They attributed this to exports from the United States hitting record highs due to an increase in global demand.  The suggestion is that the economy may be starting to improve.  Let’s assume that that is the case – in theory, with an improving global economy, the transportation industry should reap the rewards as these goods have to be moved to the various US ports.  
In some respects a debt is a debt is a debt.  However, there are some industries where specific, learned knowledge is needed in order to be successful.  Transportation is one of those industries.  Our working relationships through the years have proved invaluable and we have learned the ‘language’.  
Our dedicated Transportation Division has been recovering transportation debt for 18 years. Utilizing our expertise, 3-phase approach and transportation business intelligence, we have found that transportation debt is 10-15% more collectable compared with the processes typically used to collect transportation debt.
We are one of the only transportation debt collection firms that will consistently pursue the shipper if the claim warrants it.  We specialize in all aspects of transportation collections, including, but not limited to: detention and demurrage, damage and backhaul claims, shipper and consignee disputes, rate disputes, customs and duties.  
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