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Things We Teach Our Children That Can Be Applied in Today’s Business

Written by Allison Sima, Sr. Marketing Communications Coordinator.

January 16, 2014.

We all have to start somewhere in this world and childhood seems to go by very quickly. Before you know it, we’re adults with jobs.
Careers take precedence in our lives for obvious reasons, but we rarely take into account the amount of time spent at work during a lifetime.  
It is important to remember those simple, basic life lessons we learn in our youth. We learn these lessons for a reason and, as the years go by, they can be easy to forget.
Here are a few childhood lessons that can be applied in everyday business:

Take Turns: At work, the easiest way to apply this childhood lesson is in a meeting.  Listen to others in the room and really process what is being said. Speak up when needed and give your two cents, but let others talk and give opinions as well. You will get more accomplished when you take turns speaking.

Help Others: In business, being a good team player is a must! When you are out for only yourself, you will eventually become isolated from others.  No matter what role you have with your company and what departments you think you will work with, you never know when you will cross paths with someone outside your “circle”. Always be willing to help your colleagues because you never know when you may need their help. Remember,  all departments  work together and when one fails, it hurts the company as a whole. Help everyone.

Share: Again, the ability to be a team player is critical when it comes to being an effective employee. Being a part of a team or group means sharing, whether it be ideas, information, knowledge, training, etc.  If you don’t learn to share, it may harm your career.

Try celebrity news Something New:  In childhood you are taught to try new things, such as different types of food.  Dr. Suess’s character “Sam I Am” insisted “Green Eggs and Ham” are good, and in the book, they were.  Part of growing a business is by “new” and innovative thinking.  Innovation doesn’t come from doing the same thing over and over again, it comes from trying something else.

Tell the Truth: We teach children to always tell the truth, even when you did something wrong.  Being honest can be extremely difficult at any age.  It is significantly easier to deviate from this lesson. However, not telling the truth is the coward’s way out. In the world of business, knowing the truth and working with real situations is necessary for the success and growth of any company.

Time-Out: We all have different temperaments, and regardless, we all get mad, upset or impatient at some point … even adults can throw a temper tantrum once in a while. However, as an adult, know when “you”  need a “time-out.”  Take a deep breath, walk away and think for a few minutes.  When you calm down, get back to work.