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Written by Jeff Fluty, VP Business Development, Brown & Joseph, Ltd.

As a collection partner to distributors across several industry lines, Brown & Joseph is often intimately involved in the financial and operational challenges our clients face regularly. Whether the challenges are external and economy driven or internal and fueled by growth or consolidation, financial service partners are usually involved at the very early stages. Given the collection role Brown & Joseph often fulfills, we are almost always involved at the end. As such, the feedback we’re able to provide to our clients and partners can hopefully help them avoid some of the same missteps we’ve seen time and time again. One way we seek to do this is through our monthly newsletter.

Looking back at 2013, Brown & Joseph newsletters covered a broad scope of subjects ranging from industry and trade group specific to the collection industry as a whole. Clients and prospective clients have provided feedback both on what we included as well as what they’d like to see going forward. We responded with Collection 101 related articles and industry trends we’ve both seen and been a part of. Many of our clients use this information along with industry or trade specific newsletters to stay abreast of the challenges and changes in their respective industries.

If you aren’t already subscribed to a newsletter providing feedback about your specific industry, I’m sure one is out there. This isn’t a broad statement either. Take a moment to perform a web search and you’ll likely come up with celeb news multiple options.

Brown & Joseph Ltd. works with a number of associations in several industries: electrical distribution, transportation, marine manufacturing, automotive aftermarket distribution and insurance. Industry associations are great resources news affecting your business.

For those industries with a great deal of specialization, you can even find a breakdown of trade groups to help better identify the one that will be meaningful to your organization. Similar sites can be found with just a few key strokes or via professional networking sites such as Linkedin.

Finally, when it comes to the collection industry, insideARM provides legal and industry specific news to both collection agencies and their clients alike. We also invite you to revisit Brown & Joseph’s website and look through our own resources page. I may be biased, but the information collected there not only includes helpful topics, but also provides options for feedback. If you have something specific you’d like to see, let us know.

The New Year is off to a quick start like it always is. Look for ways to expand your industry knowledge and insight in 2014. We’ll certainly do our part to help.