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Company News | Brown & Joseph

Specialized Debt Collection Services for the Deregulated Utility Industry

Deregulated electricity providers also have a choice

The same deregulated electric providers offering homes and businesses a choice when it comes to who will service their electricity needs, have had to build many of their cutting edge offerings on legacy systems and services designed decades ago.  The same applies for the collections approach employed by so many collection agencies servicing the deregulated electric industry.   
The sheer volume of accounts turned over to agencies has led to more and more companies relying on increased automation to reduce costs and inefficiencies.  Unfortunately, many have gone too far and removed too much of the human element in the process.  Subsequently, recovery percentages have slid to all-time lows.  At Brown & Joseph, we believe there is an ideal debt collection balance which can be reached. 

Live collectors based in American call centers

Intelligent processes, strategic dialer use, and pre-scoring accounts are all tools we use to make sure our live collectors are speaking with as many targeted accounts as possible.  Employing the best in technology AND personnel, Brown & Joseph believes live agent intervention is the key to performance upwards of 10% above industry standards.

An experienced deregulated utilities collection agency partner   

With a national client base and the ability to quickly scale up or down for any size program, Brown & Joseph has the solutions needed to be your expert partner at collecting debt.  Whether the need is national b2b debt collections or a consumer debt collections approach, we provide you with options.  Our current deregulated utility clients utilize their partnership with Brown & Joseph for first party collections, supplemental call center collections, and feedback based on both consumer reporting as well as commercial credit reports.  Utilizing credit risk assessment reports from day one that provide factual debtor payment trends, we can ensure every contact can be custom made to maximize recovery.  Once we have information back from our credit assessment, we can then determine the best course of action.  With existing systems in place, a project can begin as quickly as needed and without the long term commitment required by other agencies.

Is there lost revenue in your aged receivables?

If so, where did your efforts fall short?  Whether your debt collection challenges are centered on new programs or making existing programs more efficient, Brown & Joseph can provide you with options.  For many, the first step is a review of your older receivables.  A credit review and analysis of your older receivables may help you better understand where your processes can be improved.  Call today and let us perform a complimentary review of accounts long thought dead.  There is no obligation and any following steps are completely up to you.  Contact us today.

Contact Us Today!

Brown & Joseph, Ltd.
2550 West Golf Road Suite 300
Rolling Meadows, IL 60008

Toll Free: 800-216-1391

Brown & Joseph in Growth Mode

Brown and Joseph, the leader in business to business collections, expands collection staff by 15 in Q1 2012 due to increased market share in insurance and transportation markets.

Business to Business Collections Expansion

With increased market share in insurance and transportation industries, Brown and Joseph has increased recruiting and hiring campaigns targeting industry professionals for key positions within the collection department, client services, sales & marketing, data entry and trust & accounting to support substantial increase in market share. Brown and Joseph recently signed long term agreements with several major national accounts.

Business to Business Experts

For additional information and to speak with a Brown and Joseph representative regarding business to business collections in the insurance and transportation markets, contact us today.

Brown & Joseph Enables Expanded Debt Recovery Options Through Alliance with Cortera

June 23, 2011
Press Release
Brown & Joseph, LTD announces its expansion into the acquisition market focusing on commercial debt within the insurance, wholesale distributors, manufacturing, and media industries. Recent trends in litigation, particularly, increasing internal and litigation costs have created a market for acquiring small to mid-range debt balances. Today more than ever corporations are looking for ways to add cash to their bottom-line without operating costs. Brown & Joseph has a new solution that can help.
Dennis Falletti, Senior Vice President, Brown & Joseph states, "Our new acquisition process and new alliance with Cortera, enables us to quickly identify recovery opportunities within accounts that are considered unrecoverable debt, and convert them to cash for customers. No longer will companies accept the fact that 'under suite threshold, too small to sue cases' have little or low value without additional recourse. This new option gives executives looking to recoup what was previously considered unrecoverable debt, a low cost solution to drive bottom line improvement."
With their expansion into this arena, Brown & Joseph brings a new method, customized to each company's unique needs, to grow revenue without increasing operating costs.
For more information about this service please contact Mr. Falletti at dfalletti@brownandjoseph.com or call 888-829-9997 x206.
Brown & Joseph, LTD is an international accounts receivable management company headquartered in Itasca, Illinois and has operated since 1996 with offices domestically and internationally. Their corporate profile can be viewed at www.brownandjoseph.com.
Mr. Falletti's experience spans over 28 years as a sales and marketing executive in the Accounts Receivable Management industry. His resume includes roles as an independent consultant and a slaes and operations management professional working with companies ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500's. Mr. Falletti has in-depth knowledge of receivable portfolio purchasing, A/R management software solutions, credit / collections, and the outsourcing of receivables management. In addition to his present duties, Mr. Falletti was elected to the Gerson Lehrman Group's National Advisory Council's top 20 Advisory Group as an independent consultant.
Brown & Joseph has entered into a strategic alliance with Cortera, a leading information provider that compiles insights on nearly every US business. We've all been starved for information about what's really going on within companies - especially private ones. Now businesses can better manage risks and increase revenues with the latest intelligence from Cortera. Learn more at www.cortera.com.
Brown & Joseph: Innovative Credit to Cash Solutions.

Dennis Falletti of Brown & Joseph, Ltd. is the First Ever Selected A.M. Best Member in the Spotlight

December 20, 2011 

Press Release

Brown & Joseph, Ltd. is pleased to announce that its Senior Vice President, Mr. Dennis Falletti, was nominated and selected to receive the honor of being the "first ever" recommended expert service provider for A.M. Best's December issue of BestConnect's new "Member Spotlight."

The BestConnect Member Spotlight is a forum for highlighting the efforts and achievements of individuals or firms that are currently listed in Best's Directories of Recommended Insurance Expert Service Providers.

To qualify, an effort or achievement must be timely, groundbreaking or topical to the insurance industry.

John Czuba, Editor of BestConnect, commented that “We are pleased to announce that Mr. Falletti is our first elected nominee for our December's issue of Best Connect.”

Mr. Falletti achieved this honor by demonstrating to A.M. Best his focus and expertise in the insurance industry. The criteria included providing detailed answers to questions, articles published on various topics and through references from clients he represents.

Over the past 20 years, Mr. Falletti has implemented services and developed new innovative solutions addressing problematic issues pertaining to the recovery of delinquent dollars due and various other receivables issues within P&C and L&H.

He has an impressive list of insurance clients, all of which have implemented many of his suggested policies and procedures. The results of his efforts has helped insurance companies to increase recovery of past due items, reduce risk, increase process efficiencies and reduce cost pertaining to litigation and policy renewal.

Mr. Falletti is presently the Senior Vice President at Brown & Joseph, Ltd located in Rolling Meadows, Illinois.

“We at Brown & Joseph are very pleased to have Mr. Falletti and his expertise on our executive staff and look forward to assisting him in his personal and corporate development,” says Kevin Walsh - President of Brown & Joseph, Ltd.

Brown & Joseph Celebrates 15 Years in Business

June 17, 2011

Press Release

Brown & Joseph, LTD, headquartered in Rolling Meadows, Illinois, is celebrating 15 years in business.

Brown & Joseph began in 1996 with $5,000 capital, a 500 square foot office in Bensenville, Illinois and only 2 employees. Today, Brown & Joseph has over 150 employees with office locations in Rolling Meadows, IL, Valparaiso, IN, Louisville, KY, Dallas, TX and Indonesia. Brown & Joseph serves over 1,000 clients in the US and internationally, including export credit insurers in China, Indonesia and Canada.

Brown & Joseph has built a reputation as an accounts receivable management company with a robust array of service offerings, customized business solutions and excellent customer service. Time and time again, Brown & Joseph receives reports that we are outperforming competitors in our market. It is because of our unmatched performance and stellar customer service that Brown & Joseph has built a loyal client base.

"A lot of our client are looking for more efficient ways to save money as the US economy has continued to sputter. We continue to meet their challenges as we develop new ways to help our client base lower their cost and help them become more efficient," Chris Cappuccilli, CEO.

Brown & Joseph, LTD is a full service accounts receivable firm that specializes in bankruptcy services, credit risk assessment, international recovery, receivable sofware, outsourcing and third party collections. Brown & Joseph is endorsed by the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors and is one of the Best Places to Work in Collections 2010.

Brown & Joseph: Innovative Credit to Cash Solutions.

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