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Company News | Brown & Joseph

Brown & Joseph Releases New Version of OpenAccess

August 15, 2013

Due to recent upgrades with the company’s software, Brown & Joseph, Ltd. released a new version of OpenAccess. The new version, while similar to the old version, is enhanced to better serve our valued clients.

OpenAccess is the online portal offered to Brown & Joseph clients to view their accounts, run reports and securely upload claims 24/7.

For more information on OpenAccess, contact client services via email at clientservices@brownandjoseph.com.


Class is in Session: Brown & Joseph School Has Officially Started

August 15, 2013

Brown & Joseph, Ltd. is proud to announce the beginning of “Brown & Joseph School.” The Brown & Joseph School is a program that has been developed by a group of highly experienced professional staff. The concept of the school is to train individuals who are new to debt collections and take them from a beginner to intermediate level.

The new hires, or students, include beginner collectors and beginner client services staff. The students attend 2 weeks of classes in order to learn about the company, processes, the credit & collection industry, rules & regulations as well to gain an understanding of their new position along with their duties.

The first group of trainees/students began August 13, 2013. The classes are being taught in a newly designed training room with a classroom style setting, which includes computers and phones for hands on experience.

training room

Brown & Joseph, Ltd. Hooks Big Fish. Welcome David Trout.

fish web

Brown & Joseph, Ltd. Hooks Big Fish and Welcomes its Newest Addition, David Trout

ROLLING MEADOWS, IL, August 8, 2013 — Brown & Joseph, Ltd., a commercial credit and collection agency, announced today a new addition to its insurance division, David Trout, Senior Vice President Insurance Programs.

David Trout has specialized in premiums/claims debt management/recovery for 31 years. Throughout Mr. Trout's career, he has been entrusted to protect the financial interests and reputation of domestic and international carriers, agent/brokers, MGA/MGU's, Program Administrators, State Funds, Premium Finance, TPA's and Guaranty Associations. Mr. Trout spent 15 years as the CEO of Trout & Associates, during which he invented the original "FaxDemand", "eDemand", "DEBText Message" collection technology. Mr. Trout was the only executive ever recognized for Advanced Debtor Communication technology by CFO, ComputerLife, Credit & Collection Risk, BizAZ & Inc. Magazines. Additionally, Mr. Trout originated ground breaking audit abuse reduction initiative referred to as "Comp Hopping", which has been featured in Business Insurance Magazine & WorkCompCentral. He has been appointed to assist scores of Departments of Insurance in the liquidation, rehabilitation and run-off of 26 estates/portfolios to date. Mr. Trout is a member of the Professional Liability Underwriting Society (PLUS) and the International Association of Insurance Receivers (IAIR).

David Trout is proud to represent Brown & Joseph, Ltd., a global firm who has earned the prestigous accrediation by A.M. Best Company as an "Expert Service Provider". Brown & Joseph has achieved insurance industry acclaim for truly insurance expert recovery services. Brown & Joseph's diverse suite of commercial Property & Casualty, Life & Health and Accident platforms provide a single insurance debt management resource. Brown & Joseph's proven proficiencies and acute comprehension of auditing, underwriting, accounting and adjustment methodologies ensure optimum recovery. Brown & Joseph is the only known collection firm that maintains libraries of updated bureau data, NCCI/SCOPES, ISO/PAAS & Servicing Carrier manuals. Audit acumen of Brown & Joseph's resolution teams typically reduce insured requested re-audits to ZERO.

"David Trout is one of the most recognized and respected voices in the insurance industry today. With his 31 years of experience, he brings much more than debt management expertise to Brown & Joseph, he helps solidify our company's leadership in the insurance market." said Chris Cappuccilli, CEO of Brown & Joseph, Ltd.

To connect with David on LinkedIn, visit http://www.linkedin.com/in/davidtrout.

2013 ESSBestMark   SOC-Service Org B Marks 2c Web   commercial collection certified  

Professional Liability Underwriting Society logo     iairlogo

About Brown & Joseph, Ltd.:

Brown & Joseph, Ltd. is a leader in Accounts Receivable Management and has represented clients nationally and internationally since 1996.

Dennis Falletti Named New Executive Vice President Business Development of its Insurance Division

Brown & Joseph, Ltd. Names Dennis Falletti as the New Executive Vice President Business Development of its Insurance Division

ROLLING MEADOWS, IL, August 13, 2013 — Brown & Joseph, Ltd., a commercial credit and collection agency, announced today that it has promoted Dennis Falletti to the Executive Vice President Business Development of the company's Insurance Division. Mr. Falletti has worked for Brown & Joseph, Ltd. for 10 years.

Dennis Falletti's experience spans over 30 years as a sales and marketing executive in the accounts receivable management industry. Mr. Falletti's resume includes roles as an independent consultant and a sales and operations management professional working with companies ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500's. He has in-depth knowledge of receivable portfolio purchasing, A/R management, software solutions, credit risk assessment, procedures, collections, and the BPO of receivables process and management.

In addition to his present duties, Mr. Falletti was elected to the Gerson Lehrman Group's National Advisory Council's Top 20 Advisory Group as an independent consultant and elevated to the status of Focus Subject Matter Expert at Focus.com. The Gerson Lehrman Group Council is a global network of professionals who deliver expertise and decision-making assistance to business, government and investment leaders from around the world.

Mr. Falletti was also the first ever selected A.M. Best Company's BestConnect "Member in the Spotlight." Brown & Joseph, Ltd. is proud to be named an "Expert Service Provider" by the A.M. Best Company for 2011 – 2013.

"It brings me great pleasure to announce the promotion of Dennis Falletti to Executive Vice President Business Development of the Insurance Division at Brown & Joseph, Ltd. Dennis has been with Brown & Joseph for 10 years and he has been a key person responsible for most of Brown & Joseph's commercial insurance growth. Without Dennis, and his understanding of the commercial insurance world, Brown & Joseph would be just 'another agency.' Dennis has not only brought new clients to Brown & Joseph, he has also been instrumental in helping our company set up the internal collection processes and training as well. He truly understands that each client is more than a client, they are our business partners. Congratulations Dennis!" said Chris Cappuccilli, CEO of Brown & Joseph, Ltd.

2013 ESSBestMark

The Accounts Receivable - Financial Executive Advisory Group (TARFEAG)

iStock 000010361595Small


The Accounts Receivable/Financial Executive Advisory Group was created to help executives in transition that are involved in direct or oversight roles in the Accounts Receivable area of corporations across the United States. Peer to Peer group sharing knowledge, insight and sharing ideas and relationships.

  • Are you an SVP, VP, Director, Manager with expertise in management for the A/R (Credit & Collection) Function or in a management position with oversight for the A/R Function? CFO's, Controllers, VP's, Directors and A/R Managers in Transition.

  • All members can add Advisor to Brown & Joseph on their LinkedIn Profiles and Resumes.

  • Monthly meetings to discuss our firm, process and gather advice from members how we can reach new heights in the commercial collection industry.

  • Sharing of job openings, consulting opportunities, ideas and best practices.

  • LinkedIn Presentations and networking techniques to secure your next career opportunity.

  • Key introductions from Brown & Joseph team members.

  • Monthly meetings and membership is free.

  • Monthly meetings will be held in Rolling Meadows, Illinois.

How to Join?

If you would like to apply for membership, please send an email request to Allison Sima at asima@brownandjoseph.com with Please Review – TARFEAG Membership Request in the Subject Line.

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