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Company News | Brown & Joseph

Meet the Staff Interview with Amy LoBosco

Vice President Business Development

Interview with Allison Sima. January 28, 2014.

SIMA: Thank you for taking the time for this interview, Mrs. LoBosco.

When did you join Brown & Joseph, Ltd.? Can you tell us a little more about your role with the company?

LOBOSCO:  Yes, Allison. I joined the Brown & Joseph team back in September of 2013. So, I am fairly new to the Brown & Joseph family. My position with Brown & Joseph is Vice President of Business Development. I am located in New Jersey. I assist many companies all across the nation in regards to collection issues with, I am happy to say, great results!

Part of my role in the company is to share our excellent collection services throughout the Northeast. My current focus is concentrating on the areas of NJ, NY and PA. Many companies are looking for a qualified and certified collection firm that will provide outstanding recovery results on a highly professional basis, and I know that Brown & Joseph does it better than anyone else.

SIMA: Please tell me more about your background. How long have you worked in the credit and collection industry?

LOBOSCO: My financial background started in NYC in banking, in which I held several positions in Manhattan. Commercial Collections seemed like a natural progression since assisting many companies with outstanding Accounts Receivables has always been an important part of my work. For the past 9 years, I have assisted many companies to resolve outstanding invoices in order to improve their bottom-line.

SIMA: What are some of the area(s) you specialize in?

LOBOSCO: I specialize in assisting Gas & Chemical companies, Premium Finance companies, Court Reporting firms as well as many other companies with commercial collection needs.

SIMA: As part of the sales team at Brown & Joseph, what steps do you take to keep long-term relationships with your clients?  

LOBOSCO:  That’s a great question. Long-term relationships with our clients is a top priority for me here at Brown & Joseph. I take time to know each of my clients and get an understanding of their internal processes, including any challenges that they may be facing. This helps me to meet the forever changing needs of the client. I stay in touch with our clients on a monthly basis and make sure that they are getting the best quality service.

SIMA: In your opinion, what separates Brown & Joseph, Ltd. from other “collection agenices?”  

LOBOSCO: Brown & Joseph is fully compliant and holds more certifications than competitors. Brown & Joseph is a member of the CCAA certified by the Commercial Law League of America and is an A.M. Best Recommended Expert Service Provider. Brown & Joseph is SSAE16 certified, as well as holds a GSA contract (GS-23F-0037X). Our clients can rest assured that they are in the best possible hands when it comes to collection issues.

Also, our cutting edge technology puts us head and shoulders above our competition. Clients love our customized reporting as well as our 24/7 open access in “REAL TIME”.

SIMA: How would you describe the corporate culture of Brown & Joseph, as an employee?

LOBOSCO: The culture here at Brown & Joseph could be described as enviable. Our CEO, Chris Cappuccilli, and President, Kevin Walsh, treat their employees like family. Brown & Joseph just recently earned the significant designation as one of the “Best Places to Work in Collection 2013” and I concur!

SIMA: What is the best advice that you can offer a client when it comes to accounts receivable management?

LOBOSCO:  The best advice I can offer my clients when it comes to AR Management would be to pick an aging date. This means pick an aging date that you feel comfortable with and be candid with your customers that once you hit that date you will be turned over to collection. Additionally, my advice is to follow through. Place accounts for collection when you say you will do it. The Commercial Law League of America has a very interesting scale of collectability that I always share with my clients. It shows that there is a direct correlation between the age of an account and the success of collecting it.

SIMA: What is the best professional advice that someone has given you?

LOBOSCO: My Dad provided me with the best professional advice. Work hard and you will always achieve your goals. These are words I live by.

SIMA: Thank you Mrs. LoBosco for your time and expertise.

Brown & Joseph School: Off to a Great Start

Written by Brad Hanen, Corporate Trainer, Brown & Joseph, Ltd.

January 28, 2014.

Announced last year, the Brown & Joseph School is a program that has been developed to train individuals who are new to debt collections and take them from a beginner to intermediate level.  The goal of the program is to develop Brown & Joseph’s staff to be the best in the industry.  The new hires, or “students,” include beginner collectors and beginner client services staff. To date, 30 employees have completed the New Hire School, including 6 administrative and 24 collectors.  84% have successfully completed their introductory period.     
Our Brown & Joseph School is managed by Brad Hanen who uses his 16+ years of experience as a collector and manager to impart his knowledge and expertise of credit and collections to the new hires and current staff.  Brad holds two roles within the company:  Hiring Manager and Corporate Trainer.   
As Hiring Manager, it is Brad’s job to recruit for all positions at Brown & Joseph and seek out the best of the best talent. As Corporate Trainer, Brad maintains routine pro-active communication with department supervisors regarding staffing needs and skill enhancement. Brad and the new hire’s department manager also works directly with graduates of the Brown & Joseph School on a daily basis during their introductory period with one-on-one training sessions to improve their collection knowledge and skills. Brad and the new hire’s department manager also performs weekly evaluations of collector’s strengths and opportunities and provides this feedback to the new hire as well as the management team to enhance skill evaluation.
In addition, Brad provides advanced collection, portfolio, skip tracing, financial status review, and negotiation training for all current collection staff in an individual or group session based upon the department’s needs. We encourage our staff to utilize all the training resources available to them, as the ultimate success of our company is dependent upon our continual training and development of all our employees.


Brown & Joseph Introduces New Program: CMP

(Contact Management Program)

November 26, 2013

Mission of CMP:

To provide optimum level recovery for our clients on small balance accounts.

How the Mission Will Be Achieved:

• Subject matter specialists
• High call volume
• Fast resolution

To learn more today about recovering small balance accounts, call toll free 888-829-9997.

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Meet the Staff with Tomara Bradley

Collection Manager - Insurance Division

Interview with Allison Sima. November 26, 2013

SIMA: Thank you for taking the time for this interview, Ms. Bradley. When did you join Brown & Joseph, Ltd.?


SIMA: You have made great advancements with the company during your tenure. Can you tell us about the journey you have made?

BRADLEY: My first position when I joined Brown & Joseph was to collect on a 2nd placement portfolio for an insurance client. It was not long before that client decided to start giving us 1st placements. Slowly the insurance division grew, more clients came on board and with that came opportunities to train, supervise and manage. Over the past few years I have become a licensed collection manager and have learned a lot along the way. During my tenure we have handled a wide range of different types of insurance portfolios, all of which I had the pleasure of working and managing at some point. Brown & Joseph is now a recognized name in the insurance industry and I am proud to be a part of that growth.

SIMA: Can you tell us a little more about your current role with the company and your department?

BRADLEY: I am our licensed collection manager and oversee the insurance division. My current role along with my team is to manage our client’s recoveries for commercial insurance, purchased portfolios and subrogation.

SIMA: Please tell us about some of the enhancements you have made to your department and your team.

BRADLEY: As we grow, I have introduced certain processes and developed lines of communication in order to help our team stay on the same page. Our production SOP’s, due diligence expectations, dispute resolution expectations, ongoing training and team meetings help keep the lines of communication open. I encourage the team to voice their opinions when it comes to new ideas that will better enhance our recovery and overall productivity as a unit. The team meets on a regular basis regarding any issues that may arise, new clients coming on board and new processes being implemented.

SIMA: What attribute, or attributes, do you think are important to have when it comes to being a manager or “leader” in a company?  

BRADLEY: You must lead by example. I believe a manager or leader should always be honest, respectful, encouraging, motivational, and supportive. It takes patience to understand that not everyone can be managed the same way. Each person is different and requires something different from their manager to become more successful. A good leader will know what that is and will do what it takes to work together to be a great team!

SIMA: What do you think is the best part of working for Brown & Joseph, Ltd.?  

BRADLEY: The opportunities and the cohesive working environment. The company cares about their employees and I feel goes out of their way to show appreciation for hard work. We are always looking for ways to educate and train the employees to be the best they can be.

SIMA: Can you share something about yourself personally?

BRADLEY: I have an 18 year old son who makes me laugh all the time. I enjoy spending time with him, my family and friends. I am an assistant Scuba Diving instructor and enjoy taking trips and scuba diving with sharks. I love the water and recently purchased a boat so I can spend the summer on the river near my home. I have been roller skating since I was 5 years old and still go frequently with friends. I love to read books, cook, go dancing and shop. I am always on the go and love staying active. I enjoy my job and truly enjoy being with my staff every day!

SIMA: Thank you Ms. Bradley for your time and expertise.

Meet the Staff with Lauren Daleno

Meet the Staff:

Interview with Lauren Delano, Client Services Supervisor

October 25, 2013.

SIMA: Thank you for taking the time for this interview, Ms. Daleno. When did you join Brown & Joseph, Ltd.?  Can you tell us a little more about your role with the company?

DALENO:  I joined Brown & Joseph, Ltd. in March of 2012. I started out as a client service representative and I have recently transitioned into a supervisor role for that  department. The client services department was established to ensure lines of communication remain open with our clients and that all their needs are being met. As a supervisor, I am responsible for making sure all client service representatives are properly trained and are constantly fulfilling the department’s mission. I am also responsible for identifying opportunities to drive process improvements that positively impact our clients’ experience.

SIMA: Can you tell us about how the client services department is structured?

DALENO:  We currently have 6 client service representatives, including myself. Each client service representative is responsible for a certain group of client portfolios. Our clients appreciate that, outside of their sales representative, they have one point of contact for any questions they may have. Other agencies may direct their clients to different employees depending on the nature of their request. This causes confusion and miscommunication, which our department avoids.

SIMA: What are some of the benefits that clients have when working with Brown & Joseph’s client services’ department versus a “conventional” collection agency?

DALENO:  The number one difference I hear from our clients is that they get to speak to an actual person, someone who they have developed a rapport with. Client services prides itself on building positive relationships with our clients and maintaining a high level of professionalism.

SIMA: What attribute, or attributes, do you think are important to have when it comes to being a manager or “leader” in a company?  

DALENO: I think it is important to always be honest and ethical, especially when you are responsible for a team of people. Your employees are a direct reflection of yourself, and if you make honesty and ethical behavior key values, your team will follow suit.  

SIMA: What do you like most about working for Brown & Joseph, Ltd.?  

DALENO:  I love the team environment. We are all working towards one goal and you can tell.

SIMA: Can you tell us something about you, personally, outside of the office?

DALENO:  I am a HUGE animal lover. My puppy is like my child. She is so spoiled and she knows it. She could be standing at the steps with my favorite pair of shoes torn to pieces and I couldn’t be mad for more than a second, which has happened before.

SIMA: Thank you Ms. Daleno for your time and expertise.

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