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Employee Appreciation day at Great America | Brown & Joseph

Employee Appreciation day at Great America

We were about to close the books on a very productive July, when Chris and Kevin decided to plan an event the company would not soon forget. Brown & Joseph has always gone above and beyond in rewarding hard work and dedication, and this wouldn’t be any different. After much thought, August 13th was deemed “Brown & Joseph Employee Appreciation Day” and the entire company was invited to an all-expense paid trip to Six Flags Great America.

The day started with a buffet-style breakfast catered by the restaurant in our building. The cafeteria was a sea of Brown & Joseph employees in their company polo’s. You could hear people planning their day; which rides they wanted to go on, if they wanted to go to the waterpark, or simply walk around and enjoy the beautiful day. It was truly a sight to see all the employees bonding and building comradery. As a surprise and a way to kick off the festivities, each employee was given a Six Flags sports bottle that came with unlimited refills throughout the park. Additionally, everyone received a ticket for one of many prizes to be raffled off at lunch.

Then the time came to wrap up and hit the road. Every employee had the option of either driving separately or riding on a bus that the company rented for the day, another thoughtful idea. We arrived prior to the park opening and you could see that everyone was eager to get in. Finally the gates opened and people were rushing to get in line for their favorite ride.

At 11:30 employees were asked to meet in the picnic grove for lunch and games. Kevin and Chris had rented a putt-putt game and a toss-across tic-tac-toe where employees could win stuffed animals. A few employees really shined and started winning prizes for everyone, while others made a bee line for the buffet. After things settled down, it was time to start the raffle. All the managers were called to the front to help draw names. Again, Brown & Joseph spared no expense when it came to the employees. The raffle prizes included 2 Samsung Galaxy cameras, 2 iPod Touches and 2 iPod Nanos (complete with $25 iTunes cards), 2 Samsung Galaxy tablets, 2 sets of Bose earbuds and one-time Flash Passes. Needless to say the staff was on the edge of their seats for the drawing. Every name drawn was met with cheers and clapping, we were all just happy to be there.

After lunch, everyone went off to enjoy the rest of the day. Some people left at 4pm on the bus back to work, while others stayed till the park closed. Everyone made the most of this experience and appreciated the careful planning and thought that went into making this a day to remember.

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