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International Debt Collection for China | Debt Recovery

Brown & Joseph, Ltd.  A Debt Collection Expert in China.  The Global Leader in Debt Recovery and Litigation.

With the global reach of many companies today, adequate credit information on foreign buyers can be difficult to come by.  Also, language and cultural barriers can complicate disputes. 

We provide professional International Debt Collections for China. Our international recovery team, who uses proven techniques for International Debt Collections and Accounts Receivable Management, can provide a solution for you. 

Our established relationships with private firms and bonded attorneys, globally, has made us the leader in China for International Debt Collections. Our national business to business debt collection agency provides clients with a resource for recovering debt internationally.  We are the number one international debt collection, debt recovery agency in China. 

International Debt Collection & Debt Recovery Experts for China

For the past 5 years, Brown & Joseph has handled all types of debt owed by Chinese companies and now has a success rate of 50%.  The number of companies we represent has grown over the past two years and our customer base includes software companies for piracy claims, wholesalers' damage claims and judgments enforced on Chinese manufacturers for returned and damaged merchandise. 

The key to our success is the relationships that we have established throughout mainland China.  These relationships have been built over time and are based on trust, communication, mutual respect, and the coverage we provide throughout mainland China. Through our international recovery department, we effectively recover more dollars than our competition, and all on a contingency fee basis.

Our services include:

•  Asset Investigation
•  Electronic reporting
•  Flexible office hour schedule for international clients 

These services are provided on a contingency fee basis.

Let our International Debt Collection Agency perform an Asset Investigation Analysis.  Our low cost, no money upfront Four Phase Debt Recovery approach is what makes Brown & Joseph a true success! 

We are the International Debt Collection and Debt Recovery experts for China. 

Brown & Joseph is the leader when it comes to International Debt Collections in China?  Please give us a call today, Toll Free at 888-829-9997 to speak with an industry expert or email us at One of our representatives will contact you within 24 hours.

Brown & Joseph, Ltd. - International Commercial Credit and Collection Specialists