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A Focus on Commercial Telecommunication Collections

Brown & Joseph, Ltd. is a Telecommunications commercial collection agency who has the expertise in business to business debt collections, debt recovery in the Telecom industry.  We know the challenges, laws, and economic conditions facing the industry, which serves to make our agency more effective.  At Brown & Joseph, we understand this.  Historically, the dilemma most agencies face is how to balance the automation needed to service thousands of residential telecommunication accounts in a timely manner with the hands on approach and research tools needed to successfully collect from a business.  The same dialer that makes it possible for your agency to cycle through the bulk of their accounts is doing so at the expense of your business collection accounts.  At Brown & Joseph, we don’t have to compromise.

The Commercial Approach to Telecommunications Collections

We hire, train, and retain the top collectors in our industry.  We assign them accounts and provide them with the tools and technology vital to commercial collections and empower them to resolve accounts with the utmost professionalism.  When Brown & Joseph calls a business, our live agents are doing the dialing.  Why risk a hang-up from a receptionist because of a dialer pause?

Knowledge is Power in Commercial Telecommunications Collections – Three Phase Approach

At Brown & Joseph, we work with various equipment and service providers in the telecommunications arena.  Our clients may submit cable collection accounts, wireless contracts, or delinquent networking projects of varying size.  Regardless of what type of debt, our 3 - Phase Approach to collections gives us the advantage before a call is ever made.  Utilizing credit risk assessment reports and asset investigation from day one that provides factual debtor payment trends, we can ensure every contact can be custom made to maximize recovery.  Once we have information back from our credit assessment, we can then determine whether to work accounts via Brown & Joseph, or if escalation is the best course of action.

If litigation is necessary, our team works to expedite the process and outline the steps involved.  However, due to our thorough process, less than 1% of accounts ever make it to suit.

Aged Account Review & Analysis

For those interested, a review of older files may be a good place to start.  Allow us to credit score your older, charged-off receivable portfolios and share with you our findings.  There is no cost for this service and you may be surprised to see how much viability may be left in accounts your current agency may have long since closed out.  Contact us today.