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Brown & celebrity gossip Joseph, Ltd. Specializes in Commercial Collections for Manufacturing

The output from the manufacturing sector of our economy is at the highest level in our history - over 300,000 companies with sales close to $4 trillion. Because the number is so high, commercial collections are critical.  This is why large Manufacturing companies today are turning to the experts at Brown & Joseph, Ltd.  a commercial collection agency who specializes in national B2B debt collection, debt receivables and recovery solutions. 

National B2B Manufacturing Collections -  National Business Collections

When accounts are first placed for collection, all accounts are credit scored through the Brown & Joseph business debt recovery unit. Large companies in the major industries: electronics, machinery, chemicals, food, plastics, paper and metal products are small in number. However, their sales represent 25% of the total. Almost 65% of manufacturers are small businesses with annual sales under $5 million. That means that the use of our manufacturing credit and collections specialists is critical to maintaining positive and increased cash flow. The challenges that face these companies such as global competition, labor, energy and health care costs, creates pressure to maintain positive cash flow. Brown & Joseph has the tools and proven solutions to minimize risk and maximize collections. Be it payment in full or negotiating return of merchandise, the results obtained by our 3-phase approach to debt collection is unmatched.

Commercial Collections for the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing collections does not have to be complicated. Contact us today to discuss optimizing your results through our national B2B manufacturing collections debt recovery specialists.