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Business Services Collection

In today’s tough economy companies are quickly facing the problem of finding ways to effectively control past due receivables from their customer base. The pressure is on to quickly determine ways to communicate with your customers to resolve outstanding past due debt. Now is the time to consider Brown & Joseph, Ltd.  commercial debt collection expert!  Give yourself some peace of mind. Click to view what are clients are saying about Brown & Joseph, Ltd. A national business collection specialist. 

Brown & Joseph, Ltd. is national B2B debt collection expert that offers a variety of resources to our clients. Click here to access our resource library which includes company information, newsletters, webinars, industry news and all of our upcoming events. 

National B2B Debt Collection | Debt Recovery

At Brown & Joseph, Ltd., we specialize in providing rapid debt collection, debt recovery for business collection services ranging from supply chains, internet service providers, transportation, staffing, publishing and media.  Our experienced and professional B2B debt collection team has complete knowledge and understanding of your specific business needs.  We can implement customized programs and solutions that will provide you with superior results while increasing your company revenue stream.  Check out our 3-Phase Approach to our success!

The Benefits of Brown & Joseph, Ltd.

Credit scoring and asset information is obtained at the time of placement. This financial intelligence is imaged and attached to the debtors file, which provides factual and critical information during the collection process.

Initial analysis and collections – The credit score and asset information rapidly identifies debtors that have the financial resources available for rapid resolution and recovery. Our dedicated collection staff will work these files. Companies with medium to low scores, meaning high credit risk, have a tendency to delay recovery with unsubstantiated disputes. Most collection agencies will refer these more difficult cases to outside council for litigation, which increases contingency fees and causes their client to incur court costs.

– Brown & Joseph, Ltd.  maintains a national network of experienced litigation lawyers. Our litigation management team will review and recommend suit based on factual and intelligent credit scoring and asset information. Use of this intelligence and process reduces the amount of non-profitable suits, judgments that cannot be enforced and litigation costs.

With so many collection companies to choose from, doesn’t it make sense to choose one that fits your specific needs? Request more information and talk with us today.