When Your Collection Agency Can't Collect, What Happens To Your Debt?

Do you write-off the account(s)? Do you pay attorney fees, upfront, to obtain a judgment that you still cannot collect?

There is a better way.

Brown & Joseph offers law-office collections on a contingent, success fee basis.

There is nothing to lose, only money to recover.

 What is the difference? 

  • First, by utilizing our law office for collection contact, the debtors now perceive that there is a pending legal action and want to avoid financial escalation.
  • Second, a collection law firm recovers 15% to 25% more than a traditional collection agency, without litigation.
  • Lastly, Brown & Joseph’s law office will pursue collections on a contingency fee basis giving you the impact of a law firm without the costs associated with hiring an attorney.  

We ask this question: If you are a debtor, who would you pay first, a collection agency or a law firm?

Place your account(s) through our website, today, and first time clients will receive a special contingency rate and free celeb gossip credit analysis.

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